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  1. That's a fair point. But for me I'd rather know what damage the car had. But with motorcheck now, that's easy to find for a lot of cars.
  2. This. More often than not, a car marked as a runner will have engine or gearbox issues. As opposed to a car marked as a non runner which actually runs. (Extreme) caution is key.
  3. @BHM really driving the point home lol
  4. I sell German stuff between £6-10k, and a month and a half is my average. Before when I was selling Corsas, Fiestas etc though, if a car wasn't sold in 2 weeks I'd be panicking.
  5. Far more detail. And it checks if a car's ever been salvage but unrecorded.
  6. @Grantlfc81 how well do c200s sell? I've only ever dealt c220 and higher. Are they stickers in your experience?
  7. Motorcheck here too. Gives a lot more info than AT
  8. I need some of that luck right now! What the hell happened to cars selling within a week?! 20 minutes must break all records!!
  9. How the hell do you sell a car in 8 days? That was me back in 2013-2015. These days it's 1.5 months on average.
  10. Happy and prosperous new year to you David, and to everyone here.
  11. Well that changes everything lol.
  12. Doesn't sound like the car has been clocked, it sounds like an admin error. You say it could have done far higher mileage, but how much would it have done in a month? 3000? 5000? Even then, if it had done that mileage and someone clocked it, they would have put it just slightly above 98k, so everything lines up, they wouldn't have put it at 1000 miles below the previous mileage. Retail the car and don't mention it, it's a silly error.
  13. This. BMWillenhall is 80 miles from you which is approx £120 on a truck, and I can certainly vouch for their work. You've got a suggestion for MK, so maybe take it there instead. Or a quick Google search will help you. For the love of God though don't drive it far for the sake of the cost of a recovery truck, or you're just asking for a bigger bill.
  14. Depends what damage has been done do it whilst been stolen. Damaged ignition, stripped dash parts, damaged/crashed, smashed alloys, no keys and therefore uncertain if the engine runs, the list goes on. Usually though if they are literally just stolen recovered with no damage, they're not written off.