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  1. Trading illegally surely not! Asif is clearly a good citizen paying the vat on his margins and declaring his income to HMRC and paying the tax due on said income. Doing the right thing to contribute to repaying the tax payer coffers that have helped our society thus far through the pandemic, and I am sure as a responsible trader he is selling his car on fully serviced with full mot and at least six months warranty.
  2. Yep, dealers put up with a lot of demands/crap but hopefully made decent money along the way. Times are a changing fast the franchise model as we knew it may well be about to be disassembled very soon.
  3. It is just Possible that we currently have a sport fest going on Wimbledon, football etcetera. Therefore the publics minds may be elsewhere right now, so many people also away taking the breaks they would have normally have in April/May. For now powder dry keep is our policy, by the by cheapest may not be best strategy in our opinion.
  4. Agree David it will not end anytime soon for the reasons we all know, however, all good thing's come to an end and this will eventually. Good times right now though and well overdue!
  5. What sort of price range are you selling?
  6. Really feel for the guy's who are having a quiet time right now we are not on fire but steady enough with some of the heaviest retail priced stock in captivity. Keep peddling guy's if it's slow now your turn will surely come to make hay, hopefully before the bubble bursts.
  7. The guy's point at the start of this thread was that the car in question had a clean sheet in January and has since covered some 700 miles.
  8. This we know. However, point DCS01 made was that the test in January was 100 percent clean sheet no advisories.
  9. Had this car come in to us I would not hesitate to report.
  10. Absolutely right. Sadly when furlough ends for many people that may be the case. We as businesses may also find that the recovery in the short to medium term may be more challenging than the pandemic.
  11. Mr Chesterman is without doubt a very clever guy who will personally trouser a fortune from the venture, what a salesman. As far as I understand (might be wrong I often am) his modus operandum is to build a business and move it on, which I think will be the case here. Blockbuster and the housing market were ripe for online disruption however, used cars are a different ball game altogether, particularly in the UK.
  12. Same. Cars are rather different to tins of beans or t-shirts online has a while to go yet with used cars. Many of us guy's the supermarkets and the franchises are in the same online space with similar offerings and established physical sites with good reputations.
  13. Occupation: Therapist Self Employed Business Name: Gladys the spanking nun I kid you not it was passed and funded.
  14. Marshalls have to their credit are repaying all of the support afforded to the company by the government during the pandemic Vertu have a different view. Interested to hear what are we thinking folks?
  15. And the lesson is do the job properly and thee will prosper.
  16. Try Martin at Unit He really does know his Audi's
  17. Always a buzz when a cheapie provides a decent return, I wonder is it that metal prices are rising or is the uplift in scrap due to parts shortages? Whichever way happy days. went off subject with my memories of t-cut and tyre paint in earlier post, so back to main dealers retailing older motors don't think they understand the customer and expectation that buyers of older cars have. Little or no knowledge of the common faults on their non franchise p/x's setting themselves up for a fall in my opinion.
  18. The online sellers will probably bend over backwards at this stage to build reputation and retention those good online review's which are for anyone selling used cars in today's world essential. Perhaps they build in breakdown cover, not sure but we will be looking into their offerings closely going forward in order to react as far as we can. If there is an occasion whereby a customer local to us has an issue and the car purchased from cazawhatever under the supplier warranty is brought to us, we shall have a special labour rate to quote and it will not be cheap!
  19. Oh for the days when motors were painted in cellulose sorted many a bloomed minor or zephyr, spend a day with compound. t cut, wax and wire wool for the chrome, tyre paint and wash the engine down with petrol off all things (HSE would have field day now). Clean the points up, clean out the out the filters. Mint ball on the forecourt and a decent profit. These days most older p/ex we only allow scrap value.
  20. Same raided Motab site first lockdown before they closed the site we bought some stupidly cheap stock, needless to all gone with great margins. Hats off to you David in the current trade market, fortune favours the brave as they say. No doubt you have a number of Cazoo transporters on the way with fully prepped stock ready for you to retail.
  21. We all know CAP is adrift on the money at the moment however current trade prices mental! Stock on our pitch in some cases a grand or more over retail for last September book, yet seeing motors making same money to trade. Time for caution as far as we are concerned not being negative but as you say how long will the current demand last? The good lady's motor has done less than 500 miles since covid she is one of many who will not be in the market to change this year.