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  1. Put them in a pile, get a bible out and pray the prices will go back to somewhere near what they were quoted back then !
  2. A little fella called "Omicron" is probably not helping...
  3. I buy some stock from Manheim online but always book an appointment to view the cars before auction day. Am I then right in thinking that there are some of us out there that buy blind !?
  4. Did you go and view the vehicle before bidding ? If you did, then why did you not notice the EML wasn't coming on at all ? If you didn't, then perhaps you should have. A very hard lesson to learn.
  5. Both as bad as one another ! If most of us stayed away it might send a message to them.
  6. I emailed him on an insurance matter some weeks ago and he replied so I would imagine he is all well and good
  7. Ashley @UKGLOBAL, done my renewal last month. Was a good chunk less than everyone else. His numbers are 01244 257829 and 07593137984
  8. Is there an end result to this story ? Did you get where you were going, etc ?...Why did you not use a V62 at the time ? or am I missing something ?
  9. I haven't made one purchase via any auction house since the start of this so called "Pandemic" simply because I will not buy blind. I have, however, been buying from other online sources where I can view and drive the vehicle, with quite a bit of success. I have heard some horror stories about "BCA" in particular and for that reason I probably won't be buying from BCA in the future. IMO, BCA have used the lockdown to fill their boots, their assessors must be walking around the cars with dark glasses and a white stick !
  10. Watched him on YouTube a few times, I don't think he would impress everyone, but then you don't need to in order to make a good living.
  11. Good afternoon chaps, Have any of you had any experiences with VDI Check ? as opposed to HPI or Cazana, etc. Is the information exactly the same/from the same sources, etc. Also, I seem to recall that "Car Dealer Magazine" had sponsored "Motorcheck" some years ago. Does anyone use this service or have any preference on any of the above ? All good or bad experiences would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks.
  12. You can only get them online if other digital documentation matches. In this case, the gentleman had his middle name on his driving licence and no middle name on his passport. Hence, you have a digital mis-match and you will not get a check code. You will then require to call the DVLA for said code. This will also happen if there is a discrepancy with a National Insurance number. This documentation is digitally cross checked all at once to avoid fraud.
  13. I was trying to get through to these people for a licence check code the other week. Nearly 3 hours pre-recorded nonsense and the line went dead. I felt driving down there to give them a large chunk of my mind !
  14. Good Afternoon all, Recently renewed my trade insurance with @Ashley@UKGlobal . After calling the usual suspects/Call centres for quotes, I have to say this gentleman really knows his stuff and his service is second to none. Everything from price to exact cover that I needed was spot on. Thanks again Ashley