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  1. Yeah, you are right in one hand. But the seller knew I want to travel abroad, I have discussed with him the issue, and he promissed he will send the application in the same day (really takes less than 5 min). I wasn't about to export the car, I was comming back. Honestly I had 4 flights cancelled, and anyway those days is safer to go by car. Anyway is not the seller's fault for the unfortunate worldwide situation, but if he would've sent the application straight after the transaction, the V5C would have been sent to me in 5 days maximum. At that point in time DVLA, was peocessing all the applications. They stoped on 14 April, he had more than 2 weeks to do it. I didn't called DVLA earlier because I understand the shitty situation we are all in.
  2. Yes, I perfectly understand your point, and like you said, is a combination of unfortunate events. But, it is frustrating when you call the dealer and ask if he sent the application after 4 weeks from purchasing, and then when you ask for proof you see that the date of application is actually the date you have called him. That tells me he doesn't give a f*** about his customers, and probably in two months he will change the name of his company just to hide his dodgy paractice. The price in nowhere near 20K, is close to 2k. But to be honest that shouldn't change the way a customer is treated, not everybody can aford 20k car. There are a lot of dealers on the market that only have for sale cars starting with 15K, they just don't want to deal with cheep ones, and I think this is a form of respect for everyone. But if you are selling cheep cars, that doesn't mean you can take the piss out of your customers. Personally I think the main key in a bussines is respect for your customers. I am myself a trade person, not car dealer, but still working with customers, and I make mistakes from time to time like everybody else, but never told my customers to f*** off, even if some of the customers are complaining for no reason.
  3. I did, but he told me to f*** off. He is definitely one of those dealer who are creating a bad image for the industry.
  4. Thanks for your reply. The problem is that they have made the application 27 days after the purchasing, and unfortunately due to the actual situation with Covid-19 DVLA is not processing anymore applications until further notice. I was wondering if the dealer has a limit of time in which he must send the application. On the DVLA wbsite says "as soon as the sale take place", I am not sure if 27 days is that soon. I have bought the car on 27 March, and the dealer only sent the application on 22 April. DVLA stopped processing any application that has been sent after 14 April, and now because he didn't sent the application in time I cannot take the car outside the country. Don't judge me, it is an essential travel.
  5. Hi, does anyone know, in how many days after buying a car the dealer have to send the V5C certificate to DVLA? Is there a law about this? A time limit or something. I have bought a car a month ago, and I didn't received the new V5C certificate. I have contacted the dealer, and they have sent it to DVLA, 27 days after I have bought the car. That means I have wait even more until I get my certificate, and now that DVLA is not processing anymore, is probably going to be even longer than usual.