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    Another guy just rang said "ay up pal got my car going in this week for work then selling it , anyway I can wait till next wednesday to collect your car I've seen" . Transpires he wants 14k on Finance too , so I said yes my friend I'll send you the deal , BOOM he auto accepts too . sends me £1,890 online deposit and I await to meet him next week . Two in one day Just got to replace the bloody cars now though oh well soon be Monday . He was treated like that he said , covered in tattoos all over , but a really nice young lad when I met him . cant judge a book as they say .
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    boils my piss when some dealers hand a car over with the light on the red
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    Lol. We will take our chances. Interesting topic though because if it did come down to dealers charging for fuel im sure it wouldn't be long before the auction houses jumped on the band wagon and started charging for the fuel in the car. Wonder what op thinks about that
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    i keep forgetting to listen to this as im quite looking forward to it thanks guys
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    I love it when they say I sold my px to we buy any car cos their advert said I would get a better deal as a cash buyer - no we want your px to retail if we can I don't need finance - so no HP commission (but to be fair these days it's negligible ) What can you do me for cash ( well I still have to pay the vat and taxman) agree a deal and they hand over a credit card!! that's not cash and it costs me more to take a credit than debit card. but the best one we had recently was a phone enquiry who had loads of questions about a car involved us running up and down the pitch in the rain (cos none of his questions were the usual owners, fsh, mot which are on our website) 35 minutes later, he thanked us for our time and advised he was only ringing because his wife had just bought the identical car which had gone back to the garage for a fault and in case they could not fix it and they gave her a refund he was ringing all dealers within a 150 mile radius who had the same car just in case he needed to arrange viewings for a replacement vehicle.
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    Seems a bit tight to me