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  1. The offers we are getting are between 23% less than ask up to a couple at 40%. they seem to think we are desperate sellers, although sales is shut my mechanic is working starting cars etc and answered the phone today, customer bought a car December 2019, done 30k miles since purchase but due to them being furloughed, partner lost job, they have done no maintenance failed its MOT on 2 tyre's and and front pads and dics, as they have not used it much !!! they think we should pay because even thought it came with 12 months mot (no advisories) it was obviously not fit for purpose complained to finance company, waiting their response just hope it is polite
  2. We use separate packages found dragon aimed at multisite dealers MTA works for us an account package and blue sky as website feed cheap to what been quoted elsewhere
  3. Just had an email stating advertising will be free in December (not website fees etc if you have them through them ) expecting one of gumtree stating same as tesco says every little helps
  4. We have a similar issue with a merc bought it one owner manheim warranted mileage, mrs been driving it for last 2 months she is convinced its not kosher, one service done at 3 years old just before mot was due, was a merc sale at manheim details of service giving previos owners email and mobile number contacted them no response car originally from mercedes aberdeen cars only service mb sunderland would be interested to know what happens
  5. We use card saver for terminal and EVO for settlements a lot lower, but been encouraging customers to do bank transfer, but bank charges have also gone up £56 to pay £8000 in cash in also charging more for payments in and out.
  6. We have been so busy selling but also from our advert that we buy cars for cash getting offered at least 4-5 per week and beating we buy any car, because we also underwrite cars from 2 motor home companies finding them quite cheap
  7. We use autoglym not cheap but good we are also lucky that the franchaise is just behind us so can just go and get stock also lucky they have branched out into autosmart repair so saved us loads on small paint jobs
  8. Paint shop backlog due to covid, prices gone up due to covid, mot station back log covid (this I can understand) finance commissions gone down (covid) main agent had a car from february until July (covid) I know it is a major issue but feel like its the new excuse.
  9. Media will not turn says limited use, but comes on when reversing to show parking etc, been into VW main agents bill for £102, just to say not working (cheers knew that when I took it) been told could have had additional security added to the unit ( came across this once a few years back on a honda civic, where the driver could pick a pin code to activate it honda had no way of decoding it so ditched that system, found a company online that could do it but cannot find their details hoping they could help ) anyone heard of this or any idea who can look at it, any help appreciated cos currently stuck with it
  10. I replied to one like this the other day, his comment was I can pay £9000 cash (the car was £14000) so I sent him the finance figures for borrowing £5k , not heard back from him.
  11. Trade vet its a family business 2nd generation mainly retired, 1st generation sadly no longer with us so 3rd generation now running it now. You like us will have seen the changes over the years still got some of the adverts from grandpas days will dig them out and post them because some the advertised specs make me laugh.
  12. We deal mainly between £5k and £15k a few over that and under px's, tend to find the £25k plus, hard market they wonder why ours is so cheap (aint got the overheads of main agent) but ours is discounted cos it is too cheap they think there is something wrong, most of our £25k plus have been sold to local people who know us and know we have been in business since 1947.
  13. Depenends on your bank used to be an ask bank manager need a business account for that Trade vet loads of my friends think its easy money becoming a car dealer think we print money its not they have tried makes me laugh
  14. The dates are key to this, yes you can tax a car on the green slip twice, but you need to make sure the date you sell it out of trade is the same day entered on dvla site as they taxed it, and paying monthly is a nightmare, if you do not put it into trade the same month the previous owner cancelled their direct debit they will get emails saying they owe dvla, and dvla are crafty if you pay for a month and cancel direct debit its not always good for that month can show as untaxed And good luck in your new business its certainly not easy selling cars at the minute with customers not understanding auction prices have rocketed and cannot understand why they are driving round in circles chasing the under £2k market which is flying out and the 5k-12k market much more competition