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    Hopefully Karma will Come back to haunt them. It’s because of to$$ers like them we are in this position. This country seems to be partly full of selfish brainless morons
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    Can you honestly blame them after the pisspoor weak & indecisive governance we’ve all received? 9 months of clutching at straws but politically too frightened to take a strong line. Only a couple of days ago the Tiers were adjusted again then just half an hour ago we were told it’s lockdown time again, which I assume(?) renders the Tiers obsolete. It’s just a regular stream of mixed messages. Apart from seeing tonight’s prime minister’s briefing I’m afraid I’ve stopped taking much notice.
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    Power mirrors... seriously! It's always an excuse for a change of mind / regret. Muppets
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    Even if they hadn't viewed, the car isn't mis-advertised, so what is the issue?
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    If they have twice viewed it then it isn’t distance selling is it? I’d tell them to bolt