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  1. Available 7 days a week here, but as I'm in a unit not a pitch ALL of my viewings are appointment only. I'll work on cars Mon - Fri and occasionally collect stock on Saturdays too, but I don't get dirty on weekends, just have dirty weekends If there's no appointments on Sat or Sun, they're days off. It's 50/50 for me tbh, had both days off this weekend which was nice.
  2. Out of interest was it a traditional fluid driven auto, or a DSG box? Where was it leaking from?
  3. I take your point completely Rory, but there's extremes I won't repeatedly stretch to. I'm far from 9-5, infact it's approaching 10pm and I'm still at my gaff now, but 80+hrs over 7 days a week is not sustainable, let alone enjoyable. I didn't leave my job to start my venture to see none of the home, and the family I work so hard for. Don't get me wrong, there's times when one must go above and beyond the reasonable working day, tonight is a prime example, but I offset that with the days I've had half a day because as far as I was concerned, I'd done for the day. Aslong as the business IS making reasonable money (which it is), and if that difference is the difference between 40k a year, and 50k a year, so-be-it. Other people may see things differently, and that's grand for them, but I'm not trying to build an empire, just a living. And I'll work to live, not live to work.
  4. You want to slow down a bit mate before you fall off that thing!
  5. 1990s - "Petrol combustion is bad, very bad, you need diesel.... diesel is the future. We're going to tax the arse off you if you don't use diesel" 2017 - "Diesel combustion is bad, very bad, you need petrol.... petrol is the future. We're going to tax the arse off you if you don't use petrol" You just know that in the 2020s/30s, some new research will reveal that some new technology is available that will save the planet, and render the government's previous fossil fuel of choice obsolete.
  6. You do, yeah. The date they're mentioning is the anniversary date.
  7. As if some handbags on a forum turns into a load of toss about stock getting nicked Chill your shit fella, it's only the internets. End of the day opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one, some of them stink. Move on, life's too short as you seem very much aware. Don't be saying rubbish like that, it makes you look a c**t
  8. It's an option bud, it certainly is. A mate of mine I used to work with already uses my 4 poster some weekends for his foreigners, I'm just happy to help but he has said he'll repay me with some work when I need it and he isn't working. As it stands, we've had the conversation, but he hasn't enough of his own work to leave his job and do 50/50 for me, so it's a bit stalemate.
  9. Crazy, crazy week. Done about 80 hours this last week, and I have to admit, doing everything myself including the hands on repairs is taking its toll. However, 4 in a week out the door, and a healthy mark up on all of them. Off up to Liverpool tomorrow to collect a very nice ebay find that I'm confident about. I have to admit it's going to be nice getting out the unit for a good 3/4 of the day. Thinking seriously about getting a mechanic on board given the hands on nature of the stock I keep to free me up, but concerned the extra overheads will (at first at least) hurt the profits, we'll see. I know one thing, another 80hr 7 day week is NOT going to happen anytime soon!
  10. Disco 3 TDV6 is the tow vehicle and the family wagon Freelander 2 TD4 is the wife's weapon of choice and other family wagon And the one I use most, a snotty old 05 plate Focus estate 2.0tdci with 240k miles on it that I swapped to the tune of £200 a year ago. If it ever needs more than a ton spending on it, I'll bin it, but it just gets me everywhere, all the time. I sometimes use the stock on trade plates to run around in, largely to put some miles on them to get an idea of any underlying issues.
  11. The really astute negotiators that want to know sod all about the car, and almost immediately open conversation with 'what's the lowest you'll take?'