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  1. I Like the way you assume we have not got a business plan. Anyhow you will soon be deleted from this forum for breaching the rules so get your advertising in quick
  2. Ours is due in November And this year I will shop around if they come back with an increase, in fact it should be going down 5 years bonus with not a single claim to it. My broker is going to be getting a tough ride this year. My policy went up £50 per month for adding the wife a few months back as she has been doing test drives recently so made sense, however I know other firms who include spouse cover for free so there is my angle.
  3. well 3 moths in to the new pitch for subprime market and its gone dire. June was a good month with 60% increase on May sales and with a few more finance houses on board we got a nice little panel going of lenders covering the credit spectrum. July hits and we scoop 2 big sales in the first week with £2600 out of two cars with commission on both, Great start. However !!! The rest of the month we have not sold a car, not one on HP in over 3 weeks. approvals have gone through the roof but no one commits to come down or just ignore our calls and messages. Bear in mind these are poor credit customers who we have placed with specialist lenders and the chancers of them being approved elsewhere with other dealers is possible but unlikely, the usual first response, advent and money barn wont take on these customers which goes to show the limitedness they have in the market. Anyhow rant over, I am hoping to break the curse this week and sell some metal on HP. On the other hand mind the bangers have been selling well, 6 sold last week with 2 nice block to block sales, so at least we can keep the lights on Has anyone else had it rough over the last few weeks or is this just my turn for a sale slump ?
  4. Bloody crap here, Had 8 approvals since Saturday not one has been down, all keep fobbing us off just cannot get one through the door. its like they get approved cant believe it and go quiet on us. anyhow we do have two people due in tomorrow so lets see if we sell out. we have not sold a car here now for two weeks. Bloody school holidays
  5. Just singed up with these a few weeks, back, not sure if it was just us but they took a wile to set it up so keep on them if you need it asap. it does not cost anything to sign and s great for getting customers on the way
  6. We use a bog standard lead form made out to submit an application, once its landed in the mail box which is sent direct to our lenders they deal with it and we get updated. if we need further info from them we work on it at this end. also if the pre check is looking like they are deep subprime we can send on to other lenders to suit. I looked at the app @umesh mentioned but decided against it, we do still get alot of forms filled in wrong but we get there.
  7. Yes but I only get 1/2 of the profit as the wife takes her share, could some one remind me what is 50% of F*ck all
  8. Apparently the average dealer lost £17k in may, Just wondering which of us average dealers on this forum blue the brains out after the 17k loss they made. Where do they get these figures from,
  9. Most for me is £2200 the other week on a insignia on finance, bought with a foked box fixed for £65 and my own labour sold on finance maxed out. However a friend of mine who lets say is very wealthy but strangely at 65 is still trading £200 bangers could take the record. He bought a ford pop in the 70's for £15 from a local auction, it had a number plate on it which i cant mention on this site sorry due to its pending sale but lets say its 3 letters and 111 ending which makes its !!! anyhow he was offered £250.000 for it 12 years ago, he said no to this particular footballers agent. He now thinks it could do over £300.000
  10. In my line of subprime all or marketing goes into lead generation via google and social media. we spend about £160 per a week at the mo and we get a lot of leads, most crap but others good. However this week I have decided to try ans increase the sales, by advertising some of the sticking stock at competitive retail on Car gurus and AT, at £50 for 3 weeks for an ad on AT its ridiculous but if the car sells it will be easier to stomach. I could never see myself having a fixed account with them.
  11. Customer has the right to reject in 30 days if the fault was present at the time of sale, this can be difficult to prove in most cases. Always get them to sign a pdi sheet or use a lawgis pad as in reality its you who will be proving it was sound at sale. After 30 days the customer can only obtain a refund after a request for a repair has been carried out and the fault is still present (failed repair). You can deduct reasonable cost which some say could be £12-£15 per day and any other reasonable cost. So damage could be deducted and maybe a valet. However we balance between chancers taking the piss and customers dealing with genuine claims and providing good customer service. Today a customer came in with a Mazda 5 we sold them 6 weeks ago, complaining about a oil leak, now he has done 2500 mile since he bought it. its leaking from cam box so 2-3 hours work and some sealant to fix. I could argue the toss with them but other than time of one of my staff and some sealant it will cost me £40 with his wage lost not working on other jobs to fix. Its not worth the hassle and the customer is made up And I can claim the money for fixing back out of the warranty fund. In your case its just an egr valve, not going to be the end of world to sort it, if you think they are going to come back every time they hear a noise then just refund and move on but shaft them on the damage, END OF THE DAY ITS YOUR LEGAL RIGHT UNDER CRA15
  12. 09 Mondeo TDCI out the door today, we got £500 less than we wanted but still a reasonable deal Finance companies seemed to have settled down a little over the last few weeks but still turning down deals that would of gone through 12 months ago.
  13. Bloody Foreign insurance companies coming over here, taking our business