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  1. Hi guys how easy is it to get partner type stocking finance, are there many parameters that must be met? thanks
  2. He has been running for quite a while though or should I say getting away with it. How have trading standards not had a word and if like he says it’s all gone through trading standards and approved then we should all be able to do this. im going to write it on my “trade auction website” SOGO does not apply! Sign here!
  3. Wow this thread has turned into a howler! I guess we are split here as on the one hand people are saying it’s all good for him if he is getting away with it but on the other hand he is taking sales from us hard working play by the rules traders isn’t he? I for one think it’s not fair
  4. So www.binca.co.uk the owner is also YouTuber calvinscardiary.com, how exactly are they getting away with selling cars like this ? If you don’t know he basically retails his cars as a buy it now car auction, therefore by passing all the usual SOGA laws of selling a vehicle, he still does px and his prices are close to retail. As far as I can tell the business is registered as car sales. So what’s stopping us putting our px shitters through as a buy it now trade car auctions? Or is he just lucky the local Milton Keynes tradings standards office is clueless! Opinions welcome Have a read of his terms and conditions, one in particular- All of our vehicles are HPI checked. We accept all major debit and credit cards. We are not a retail car sales, all of our vehicles are sold on trade to trade auction terms and everyone who purchases one of our cars will be signing to agree that they are in the motor trade or have sufficient knowledge of the vehicle to buy it on trade terms.
  5. Same here haven’t actually bought or sold anything yet on either site, I have tried about 5 or 6 wanted ads but been offered cars I can find cheaper through the usual channels to be honest
  6. £200 per year ? Tell me more, I ended mine a couple of years ago, but I used to do quite well on AT in the old days
  7. Well they seem like a good idea, I’ve recently joined two, not bought or sold anything yet though, any experiences from anyone here ? Good or bad.
  8. It might smell like weed but it’s probably dead leafs stuck in the vents and interior filter , I had the same thing on an old ranger rover
  9. You can be nice as you like but punters will still come and pull your pants down Like I said zero sympathy for these two muppets from me
  10. I’m in London and pay £4K, it’s never got cheaper than that for me
  11. Thugs rob couple who travelled 190 miles to buy Mercedes from Ebay https://mol.im/a/7930931 so I am finding it hard to feel sorry for these two, or am I being a twat £9000 Mercedes GLA! That alone should set alarm bells ringing ! But as we know the general public only look at price and don’t care if it’s too good to be true or not
  12. OP- anything more to add, I find it fascinating that the payment got recalled, it’s only happened to me once with Santander, the payment came to my account and then it came out within minutes, luckily the customer was still with me, in this case it was a fraud thing, once he rang them I got the credit payment again
  13. Hi all, anyone know a mobile wheel guy who does west London, my usual guy has gone home to Bulgaria and won’t be back until after Xmas. Thanks !