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  1. Hello Mark Are you still after these? Sprinter: Clean: £8,600, Ave: £7,800, Below: £6,575, Retail: £10,550 - CAP ID 27530 (Sprinter 313CDI 3.5T Luton) Trafic: Clean: £9,125, Ave: £8,125, Below: £6,675, Retail: £10,495 - CAP ID 31587 (SWB SL27 ENERGY 120 Business +)
  2. Good Afternoon Walsall I know I have popped up on here a few times, and mods please delete if not allowed. I work for CD Auction Group - which if you aren't using already, might be a platform for you to source vehicles from? My email is ed.roots@cdauctiongroup.com and number is 01536 409985, so if you want to discuss our site please let me know. Also if anyone else on here might be interested, please feel free to get in contact. I think we do have a few members on here already.
  3. Hello "twerp" I work for CD Auction Group - so if there is anything you need regarding registration, or questions about the site please let me know. My email is ed.roots@cdauctiongroup.com and direct dial is 01536 409985 I think there is a few registered users on here.
  4. That's great thank you, I will give it a whirl and see if I can get confirmation.
  5. Hello Just wondered if anyone can help, we have a 17 seat mini-bus, but there is no COIF for it. The vendor suspects it has one but cannot be certain. Is there any where I could contact to confirm if it does or doesn't have one? It is a 64 Plate Factory 17 Seat Transit Mini-Bus. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I think if you can turn around 2/3's of your stock per month is a good benchmark, although it completely depends on what section of the market you deal in. TD if you don't mind me asking what vehicle was it that was in stock for 612 days?, one of the dealers I know had a 6 series in stock for just over a year and managed to get it sold and still keep a margin in it.
  7. Thanks James, I have messaged him now. This one is slightly more expensive but the one we viewed was older with higher mileage, no proof of cambelt etc and not very clean. So this one looks better value and he will spend the difference getting the other up to scratch.
  8. James have you got the detail of the 1.6 Zetec S Anni ? I've got a friend looking for one, although we did go and view one on Sunday so not sure if has bought that or not. But I will run this one past him. When I worked in retail the time wasters where unbelievable, people coming in test driving used cars that don't want to change for 6 months etc. People travelling for miles to view a car, then shocked that you can't give them what parkers say their car is worth, whilst knocking £1500 of your one. It's all just swings and round about's as long as there is a good ratio of time wasters to level headed people then it's all good.
  9. Looks interesting Umesh, if only my current computer had speakers. Looks like I may need to give this a watch tonight.
  10. Regarding Fees Etc, Please send me an email and I can respond ed.roots@cdauctiongroup.com. We do try and be competitive in terms of buying fees, and only operate on two tiers, we only require 10 vehicles per year to be put on our top rate.
  11. Thanks for the kind words Econimotor, sometimes we do get forgotten about due to being one of the 'smaller' auction companies. Although we have seen rapid growth in the past 12 months or so. If anyone else is looking to expand their stock sourcing options please bare us in mind. I'm in the office most days so feel free to call/email any questions.
  12. Wheelerdealer1 we require proofs of address and proofs of a motor traders policy. Our main vehicles are 10 plate on wards so it wouldn't take long for someone to reach the VAT threshold.
  13. CD Auction Group, don't require VAT registration, we do require a motor traders policy though. I currently work for them, so if you need a hand with anything send me a message.
  14. I've contacted a main dealer and the price isn't to scary, only £75 + Vat. So i'm going to go down that route. Luckily I can get trade prices through my work, which I didn't know. Although I don't have the key number so this will bump the price up by around £20, but it's still not the end of the world for a good quality key.
  15. S and B sorry to sound stupid but what is a 'clone' compared to a replacement? Thanks Johnhartleycars I will give him a call in the next few days. Thanks for the replies guys