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  1. 23 years is long enough that the politicians making this promise will be long since retired / dead.
  2. Are you serious? If established platforms with huge resources, such as eBay, can't crack the market what chance do you have?
  3. If they can't even afford to put fuel in it what do you think your chances are of getting any money back off them?
  4. I'm not surprised the phoned was ringing off the hook for £200 with 5 months MOT and drives well sounds like a bargain. There is always a market for extremely cheap cars but the problem is they are usually not the kind of people you want to be dealing with regularly.
  5. I'm sure they do. Very annoying but they are probably lonely or mentally unstable.
  6. I see your point and I would agree about the morning as making drinks and chatting is clearly something you do before work on your own time, but in the evening I think clearing the place up is work time, why should they work until 5:15 then clear up on their own unpaid time? It does drive me nuts when places don't open at the time they say they will though. Doctors are terrible for this, if by some miracle you can get the first appointment of the day at 8:30 you will be lucky if they have even unlocked the doors by 8:35 and by the time you are booked in it is 8:40. Banks and post offices are just as bad. But anyway, I would be more interested in if they represent good value for money, don't take the piss too often and get the job done when it needs doing. Counting minutes here and there would do my head in, I mean would you deduct their wages for toilet breaks under those circumstances?
  7. I don't employ anybody so I can't really comment on the legalities of the situation. However from his perspective I guess he is just doing work in his free time to earn extra money and while I can understand your point of view I do struggle to see how you can stop him unless you have some kind of clause about working for competitors in his employment contract? I see what you are saying about sick pay should he get tired or injured but then again he could give up the second job and take up marathon running or sky diving for a hobby and you would still be on the hook if he ended up off work sick. And from his perspective I guess he hasn't "taken" 30k from you he has earned it. I think I would have a quiet and friendly word about it explaining your conflict of interest concerns and see how he responds. End of the day he is getting paid well by you in a full time job so he shouldn't want to shit on his own doorstep. If he doesn't respond appropriately I think you would be well advised to see what the legal position is regarding letting him go. If your T&Cs of employment are as good as you say you will have no problem finding a replacement.
  8. Too much hassle honestly........ They should pay the money into their bank and then pay by debit card or bank transfer. Let them explain to the bank & HMRC how they happened to come across £26k in cash.
  9. The "about us" write up could do with a bit of rewording IMO. As already mentioned there are some grammatical errors on the first page. - if these things aren't your strong point it might be worth paying someone a bit of change to proof read it and just polish it up a bit.
  10. I don't understand why white is so popular these days but combined with the right spec it certainly is in demand. Used to be that white was for ex-police / services and poverty spec only.
  11. No idea, totally out of my league but I would guess at £15500 retail with those options and colour combo.
  12. Well I don't like their website much as the navigation bar kept popping up in my way and then the search result returned 'featured' cars 100%+ over the budget I had entered. Initially I thought there is no way to set a minimum price, so I was sorting the results low to high ending up looking at a load of £99 finance adverts..... though I did eventually figure it out. Also despite doing a used car search from the front page on the second page the 'new' and 'nearly new' boxes were still checked. Not very intuitive.
  13. I wonder does this kind of spam ever actually work? I know I would be inclined to avoid any business that tries to advertise in this way.
  14. So are you operating as a proper registered business, paying TAX, insurances, warranties, etc? Or trading on the side cash in hand, no come backs, etc?