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  1. That's what I suspected. Thanks chaps.
  2. Hi Guys Got a Mini Cooper sold, back in for EML P0015 - B Camshaft Position Timing Over-Retarded Bank 1 Replaced cam position sensor inlet and sent away, after about 40 miles EML back same code. Swapped and cleaned both sensors (exhaust and inlet) and all seemed good for 46 mile test drive. Second test drive from cold and up pops EML again, same code. Before we start pulling chains and tensioners, anyone have any other less instrussive insights. Car was serviced prior to sale. Thanks
  3. Not sure if it relevant but.... Had a Sportage Pan Roof that was really, really struggling. Helped it open and pulled out a forest of debris from the runners, freshly lubricated and worked a treat. I would just use any old lube before spending serious money at a dealer for their specialist slip. Or buy spray PTFE type dry lube?
  4. Exactly. I had stopped using them before going appointment only for the same reason. Personally, I think stock looks better all neatly lined up with price boards and silent salesman in the windows but it was just another thing to do. If I had your army of staff Rory, I would be tasking someone every day to marry the stock pricing to the boards, it looks so much better IMO.
  5. I bought a load from Ebay, self cling ones. Since then, I have gone appointment only so there is no need for price hangers, window stickers et al.
  6. I'm well on my way to Youtube fortune. I now have 6 Subscribers and I bet they all reside here
  7. I only read Big Mike's column and see whether I have made printed forum fame. It's not about having a mag to read for me, it's about paying something for this forum.
  8. I have just said exactly that to the Mrs.
  9. Are you secretly an estate agent, using one of the "locked-down" show apartments pretending to be a journalist?
  10. I've just realised I am still autosubsribed from last year, so now having subscribed again, I will have two copies. I am happy paying £100 a year anyway, well worth it.
  11. That was a good one James and how humble is Mike Brewer, considering he must have amassed a small fortune by now.
  12. Only you TV. Me, I would have bullshitted and blagged that it was mine
  13. I personally would not print a magazine, just a digital copy for £50 a year. Or if people are insistent on a tangible copy, then that's £100 a year. Just this second renewed by subs and it was less than £50. What a bargain, even if it is just for Big Mike's column.
  14. For all forum members who don't subscribe to the magazine, I think we all should. Many of us pay thousands a year to advertise our cars and this is something like £50 a year a no brainer. I know what I would be telling Farnborough International by the way, time to find another venue hastag shortsighted. Good luck.
  15. Thank you for your frank explanation. To be honest, I hadn't considered CDX or the awards. Hopefully, you can batten down some hatches, furlough the staff (I guess you have) and minimise outgoings. I just thought the fixed costs would be relatively low as things like CDX only cost when they go ahead. All my best James. PS: I would be making the subscription of the magazine a requirement to gain "free" access to the forum by the way. It may get rid of some spammers too.
  16. Like all Broadband and Telephone providers utilise BT's lines (as far as I am aware).
  17. Hi James I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing cash flow issues too. It may be my naivety but I thought businesses such as yours, Online, Publications, Media etc would be fairly resilient to the lock down. I thought it would mostly affect those unable to trade, carrying large stock values with or without stocking loans (all business sectors) with no means of selling (or certainly well below normal numbers). I guess your advertising subscribers have drastically dropped off which would explain your issue. I am so pleased (thank you) that you have managed to maintain the forum. It is free and the contacts I have made is incredible and to be fair is the main reason why I subscribed to the mag to offer some revenue back to Blackball Media. Fingers crossed we all make it through.
  18. I would say that road risk has reduced but theft risk has dramatically increased. All those abandoned car sites......
  19. I think you should limit it to one word to describe: 1) Irresponsible
  20. I advise all my customers and potential customers that the price is fixed (I do very occassionally knock a very small amount off but it is rare). Instead, I say my cars ALL come with: New, advisory free MOT whether it has 364 days or 1 day remaining, it gets done. A minimum of an interim service, whether due or not so we know the correct grade of oil and all other levels are right. 3 Months meaningful warranty that covers everything except tyres. A proper PDI, where we check all the things not included in an MOT such as radio, bluetooth, interior lights, air con, locking wheel nut, servicable spare wheel etc. All this comes at a cost. You are buying a car that shouldn't need anything done until the next MOT and Service in 12 months time. On the rare occassion the car fails within the first 3 months, I will fix it, no quibble. All that comes at a price Sir/Madam and that in my opinion is worth far more than £50-200 off at the front end. Please read my reviews and decide for yourself whether my car really is too expensive, consider the cost of ownership. Sensible people agree, the rest can shop elsewhere.