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  1. We have always tried to do face to face business as its more straight forward in terms of the customers rights etc. and I know they definetely like the car. We have been doing home deliveries which again is a clear distance sale so I understand the rules around that. Now looking at offering click and collect though and I am worried / confused about the distance selling rules that go with it. Just been told there is a big difference between taking a holding deposit or reservation fee vs taking an actual deposit in how it affects the customers rights to request a full refund for up to 14 days after delivery. Been told if we get this wrong they could even ask for a refund up to a year after delivery!!! Apparently if we take reservation fees the contract doesnt start until they come to the garage to collect the car so they dont have the 14 day rights. Does anyone have any knowledge on this please?
  2. Read today that theyre changing the search so it wont be low to high on price anymore. - Newsletter - Daily&utm_source=adestra&utm_term=Auto Trader updates search algorithm to focus on consumer relevance&gutid=194963
  3. CarGurus buying Piston Heads and Ebay buying Motors who is next?
  4. Have a business plan it keeps you honest if nothing else. If you are any good at the job you are doing today you can always get a job back in the trade if it doesnt work out. Dont leave your current job until you have all if not everything in place and then go for it. Best of luck.
  5. Retail back to work out what I can afford to pay. Autotrader for checking Retail prices unless its a young vehicle then I check the Manufacturer used sites. I dont bother with any other guides any more.
  6. Does anyone have any success selling add ons on used cars? A guy I buy from says he does it to boost profits. I am thinking of offering paint protection but not sure punters would buy that on a used car... Which one sells best? Is there anything else we should be offering? Any advice appreciated...
  7. SuperLease


    FINDmugdealersANDFUNDMYCARwebsiteforme.COM The only winners so far have been the advertising agencies and the TV and Radio stations that have burned up all their cash. Does anyone know exactly how big the audience is that they deem to have and are looking to grow?
  8. Its easier for punters to ask for a deal these days because its behind a keyboard or a text message. It depends when they start asking though. I find if its the first thing they want to know then it very rarely results in a sale, If they ask questions about the car first and about us and then the price I usually find they are more serious about buying the car. Because I work hard to find my retail prices I dont do deals anymore though I just do gestures fo the right customers. The space cadets get thanked for their efforts.
  9. Slow start but the last 2 weeks has been manic on track for a strong month hoping for a good result this bank holiday though its usually feast or famine this time of year.
  11. How much is it after the free trial please?
  12. Are you saying 600-800k unique vehicles in the market at any one time? That seems like a lot. The most I’ve ever seen on Autotrader is about 480k and there probably not all unique. Which sites are you getting all this data from then? Free trial or not I think these are fair questions as you’ll want paying at some point right?
  13. Ok thanks that makes sense, when you say the market what exactly do you mean though please? Sorry to be a pain but as I would expect all of these valuation providers seem to be the most accurate etc.