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  1. Have you tried Santander? Friend of mine got the runaround elsewhere after a couple of months of trying, in the end, went there and said they were really helpful. Might have something to do with the large wedge he transferred in - I dunno. Good luck!
  2. Yes Casper- for sure, he's telling no lies. I remember the trade from the late 70's and up to the mid to late 90's it was easy (but the old bastards used to moan about all sorts of things 'killing the game') Still was fun and there were proper characters and shenanigans I can tell you. However, stories for the private room perhaps... Speaking of charachters, anyone read the article on our friend Ling?
  3. Well done TV. I enjoyed that and related to many of the memories from the ‘easy as shelling peas’ years.
  4. can you ask this question in the private room mate or message me.
  5. For sure you could and can survive just fine without them. Loads of us have done it. Car Gurus did drop the ball indeed and screwed themselves.
  6. Need a code for a Nissan Juke. Dealers not open. Any of you fine people able to get me the code? Thanks in advance.
  7. Umesh is a good guy, and I can vouch for the fact he does not promote or spout on about Autoraper more than anyone else, on the IMDA forum or on here from what I see. I was pleased to see he’d dumped the robbers, then not pleased, then pleased, then..... :0) Hopefully he’ll see sense and cancel again. ‘Vive la revolution!’
  8. All of the local Polish/Russian/Alanian car washes are back open today I notice.
  9. Me too. First one I’ve watched. Thanks James-MB what a great guy to be able to call a friend (and how tidy is your flat(?)btw? !)
  10. Welcome back oh wise one! Hope you and Mel are well!
  11. At risk, elderly etc will not be going out I’m sure Casper. You’re much better off staying at home. I have no health issues but am still stopping home of course. For now. The less at risk will be let out first. Same with schools and certain businesses. Home delivery will be encouraged. My sister lives in Holland and this is what’s happening there. I’m afraid the at risk and elderly will be locked in for a good while I think, and even then, they and many will be nervous/very cautious about going out or starting to return to normal. Just my humble opinion.
  12. I have a live one wanting delivery (Luton). Was umming and ahhing as she’s not a key worker or anything. Gonna do it now, but via paying a recovery truck bloke. As Rory implied above-getting stopped driving it there is still a major possibility.