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    the current situation for sure impacts the actions and its stocks and stuff. hoping for everything to comeback to normal
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    What? Haven’t your prices gone up this last year? Mine have!
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    As an importer I can agree with a rise in the costs involved, it is what the country voted for in leaving the EU I guess, just got to pass it on.
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    I've just received that email. There does seem to be an awful lot of rules and regulations....temperature checking/NHS track & trace app/only one person per Manheim account/marshalls telling us where to go, as it were!.....I'd rather they checked the temperatures of the car engines! I think I'll be sticking to online personally. I'm quite surprised they are opening up at all though as I'm very doubtful BCA will ever go back to any type of physical auction.
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    Is that really as surprise? When I occasionally visit these places they always APPEAR to be over staffed & half of what they employ looks like deadwood to me. The staff merry-go-round twirls as fast as ever, these places are generally fuelled on bullshit & the whole new car industry is selling a product that about 90% of the populate can’t/won’t pay for. I may be incorrect but I also get the impression certain new cars only get a private bum on a seat if it’s via Motability. I’d of thought serious change is long overdue.