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  1. My dealer PDR work slowed a bit this week for the first time this year, my sales of windscreen repair kits to dealers and garages wanting to upsell services has increased, a lot.
  2. Put the prices up and appeal to a different customer base, cheap people want cheap prices, nice people want nice cars.
  3. David, have a look at my website The kit I would suggest sells at £565+vat and includes a few important non Delta items as well in that price. No need to go 240v that is antiquated technology, everything is cordless rechargeable nowadays.
  4. I sell windscreen repair tools to the motor trade, along with doing PDR, it seems plenty of my customers are staying positive if not busy. Sales of screen repair tools has been extremely busy as garages offer more services to existing customers, Volvo being an obvious one.
  5. Bend the cable before checking it, make it the same shape as it is when fitted, then you will feel the resistance, a lot of guys do not know this very simple tip. Pulling it when straight will often not offer much resistance and fool people into thinking it is fine.
  6. Interesting thought a bit off topic, how much would some dealers have made if they had just kept the stock they had a year ago and had locked the gates and not sold any.
  7. I have stood and listened to sales people building customers expectations up, sometime so high they would need a parachute to come back down.
  8. A trader I do work for has never had any money in any of the cars I have done dents on him for, I cannot figure how he is still in business , I have been doing bit for him for over 25 years. It is not just the public.
  9. A far wealthier guy than myself once told me, if you are going to sell to family or friends make sure you earn well to cover the future stress.
  10. Possible they made less on that one unit than most of us make per unit, overheads if anyone is wondering what I am talking about.
  11. Great sellers, the dealers cannot get enough of them, why did you return it for somebody else to make a profit?
  12. The teachers get 30 kids for 25 hours a week, the parents get a lot less kids for 143, I feel the blames lays at home in most cases.
  13. I certainly remember 45 years ago when I had my first site, people turning up with cars hand painted in red oxide asking what I will give them for it when it is done up.
  14. As an importer I can agree with a rise in the costs involved, it is what the country voted for in leaving the EU I guess, just got to pass it on.