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  1. Great sellers, the dealers cannot get enough of them, why did you return it for somebody else to make a profit?
  2. The teachers get 30 kids for 25 hours a week, the parents get a lot less kids for 143, I feel the blames lays at home in most cases.
  3. I certainly remember 45 years ago when I had my first site, people turning up with cars hand painted in red oxide asking what I will give them for it when it is done up.
  4. As an importer I can agree with a rise in the costs involved, it is what the country voted for in leaving the EU I guess, just got to pass it on.
  5. People buy on more than price alone, being cheapest is not often a good sign when I am buying.
  6. I am not dealing nowadays and only want a couple of days of dent work a week, but there appears to be a bit of a slow down in calls from dealers but increased from private. My other business Delta Kits ( windscreen repair equipment supplies) seems to be fairing up well with guys in the trade wanting to upsell the service, although sales into Europe have stalled
  7. You could buy a Mirka glass polishing system, however they advise against doing the windshield as it will create distortion as you remove glass.
  8. A mask will not help the wearer it could though help slow the spread.
  9. I am getting withdrawal symptons, I might even have to fix those dents that have been in the wife's car for the last 4 years.
  10. i used to belong to the Lincolnshire one, we had to disband when the pub shut down.
  11. Had one this morning, as with everything at the moment I really took my time on it, even moisturized
  12. Mark101, you just hit the nail on the head, I knew the answer obviously I was just wondering what type of responce I would get. Maybe they could help out those that have paid themselves that way but at a reduced rate, I feel the loop hole should have been shut years ago, I have been limited in the past and benefitted from it but for the last 35 years have been a sole trader, luckily for me at this time declaring all.