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Found 2 results

  1. So, a couple of warranty questions if you would humour me? Keeping in mind that (for now) I am trading from home and have a current stock of 3 cars that I would expect to retail at £1.5k, £2k and £7k respectively, what advise would you give with formal warranty provision? Should I warranty the lot or not bother about the cheapies? Should I buy into an insurance backed scheme or self underwrite with Lawgistics or similar? Should I mix and match dependant on value? Where best to buy if I go down the insurance route? My own assessment of risks says that maybe the cheapies are more likely to go wrong with minor niggles than the newer, more expensive car - but the latter, if subject to a catastrophic failure, could stand me a bigger loss! I'm torn between which type would be most appropriate for which situation. My other question relates to Lawgistics Driver Options offerings - any thoughts on the pros and cons between the "self administered" or "Lawgistics administered" products? Thanks in anticipation Mike
  2. Not sure if everyone is aware of this situation, I know that consumers get the protection when they are buying or paying for goods on their credit cars #section75 That's why I always use my credit card ,what I didn't realise is that even if a 'small ' portion has been paid on credit card on a vehicle the consumer has full rights ! how frightening is that ? Most of the deposits I take are on credit card, balance on debit card , now that small deposit of £250 gives them so much rights ! just think we all need to be aware , we all get the odd nutter who likes to take advantage of the situation. Learning everyday !