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  1. should have read "to give me a good margin" !
  2. Thanks, that's interesting to note. That was one of the downsides I saw of taking out this policy as in due course we will be putting the family Discovery onto it. I'd dread the bill for the heated front screen in it should it need replacing!
  3. I'm with Covea and was told by broker that you don't get Windscreen cover on a trade policy....
  4. This is a great thread and hats off to you guys & gals for sharing your experiences. I hadn't heard of a few of the product brands mentioned! I'm thinking that it could be beneficial to us all if the mods were to create a new forum section "Product Experience" or similar, then this info could be collated all together! What do you think?
  5. That's a great range of useful products that they offer. Having had a browse however, I recognise a few products direct from the shelves of Costco, with an inevitable mark-up. Found that they have a normal website also. Slightly different pricing on a couple of products that I spot checked, products a little dearer on the website but postage cheaper on the individual items I looked at, bringing the total less direct. Worth doing the comparison though for what you purchase. It has always puzzled me when I see business sellers pricing their products on Ebay cheaper than on their own website. With the high Ebay commissions etc you would think that their websites would be 10% or more cheaper?
  6. Thanks, looks a bit more durable than the Ebay offerings! Used to use that years ago when prepping Classics for car shows! Still use it on exterior trim that has been erroneously whited by polish occasionally. Doesn't last though!
  7. choice of many by the look of thinkgs, but from a random pick, do you mean these?
  8. yes, maybe. I'm still experimenting. Have been using a sponge until now
  9. Fair point, but we all know that many try! That's exactly where I was coming from, with the added potential bonus of income generation from upselling from basic.
  10. I'm currently using Meguiars. Lovely product but as it is a gel, it's a bit of a faf on tyres that have ridges embossed on the side.
  11. Kit now purchased, although reckon it is a bit over priced if you break it down and price up the components. Worth it to me though for the convenience of buying it all together, I couldn't be ar5ed to search around Ali-Express for each part separately!
  12. I'm not looking to circumvent CRA, I intend to build my business on helpfulness and goodwill (without allowing p1ss taking!). Providing a written warranty booklet of some sorts I feel gives an element of professionalism vs just saying "bring it back if you have any probs" and also may make a few think twice about taking said p1ss!
  13. So, a couple of warranty questions if you would humour me? Keeping in mind that (for now) I am trading from home and have a current stock of 3 cars that I would expect to retail at £1.5k, £2k and £7k respectively, what advise would you give with formal warranty provision? Should I warranty the lot or not bother about the cheapies? Should I buy into an insurance backed scheme or self underwrite with Lawgistics or similar? Should I mix and match dependant on value? Where best to buy if I go down the insurance route? My own assessment of risks says that maybe the cheapies are more likely to go wrong with minor niggles than the newer, more expensive car - but the latter, if subject to a catastrophic failure, could stand me a bigger loss! I'm torn between which type would be most appropriate for which situation. My other question relates to Lawgistics Driver Options offerings - any thoughts on the pros and cons between the "self administered" or "Lawgistics administered" products? Thanks in anticipation Mike
  14. oh, don't even go there
  15. Doh, thank you Arfur. I need to get my new extension built asap so that I can sit in front of a computer in peace and quiet away from the kids, behind a closed door, grrr!