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  1. 5 hours ago, the old novice said:

    Although i do think certain sectors of the haulage struggle to source and retain drivers, this is mainly (in my opinion) due to how those guys are being treated and demoralized at  large mega warehouses where they are almost dehumanised told to wait in wagon, not allowed to go and have a brew in canteen,its only just been forced through that it wasnt lawful to stop a driver from using the toilet whilst waiting on your premises. Then the constant risk of finding an asylum seeker in your wagon who will 100% fight you for the right to hide in your wagon. There was, might still be a £2000 per stowaway found in your wagon if you're seek to have not taken enough precautions at thats for the driver  by the way! Overnight parking is a total lottery with facilities being more often than not complete shit holes. More investment is needed in  improving the facilities and this will quite easily solve many issues that are at play here, offering big pay rises doesn't work longer term, this will be only cause inflation to rise. We have all our hgv's mounted up and a waiting list of guys to start, thats not because we are good at what we do its because our guys  get looked after and shown a bit of respect and courtesy. Providing a   clean toilet, a rest room with free coffee and tea isnt rocket science  FFS.

    These guys clearly should have better conditions for sure, the industry should step up and ensure drivers have access to decent facilities.

  2. 4 hours ago, It's me said:

    basically same here

    we also try to put only shell in the truck it might be a little dearer but it drives better and gives more economy

    Same, we have no shares in Shell but from bitter experience in times gone by with EML's triggered by crap fuel we strongly advise customers to avoid supermarket fuels and use Shell which is the dominant main brand in our area. Thankfully our customers take on board the advice no surprise very few incident's of fuel triggered EML incident's, those we have are supermarket fuelled. You get what you pay for as they say.

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  3. Feel your pain Arthur, sort of a rock and a hard place. Small claims you will possibly piss them (BCA) off but then with the volume of vehicles you seem to buy they may just compromise. However it plays out Arthur, wish you the best of luck going forward.  

  4. On 10/4/2021 at 8:21 AM, Halfpenny said:

    Its not a 'new normal', its a 'blip' caused by a mismatch between supply and demand. Once the chip shortage is resolved (which WILL happen sometime next year) then things will start to settle. 

    In the long term I think we will go back to oversupply of new cars. Europe still has too much production capacity (much of it on short time working now due to chip problem) and the Chinese have barely started to export cars yet..

    Agree. Although pinch point may not come anytime soon, there is apparently a shortage of other components other than chips. Can see a possible dip in demand come December as folks feel they lost Christmas last year therefore this year Christmas could be on steroids and focus on other things rather than used cars. We have no Tsunami of used stock due anytime soon and if March plate delivers my guess is that stock that filters through will be readily absorbed by the trade. We may also have the bonus early next year of those who have deferred changing due to not covering many miles through lockdowns. January through March I am optimistic that the job will be good, with prices stable, but once new car production ramps up who knows? We indeed are in unchartered territory.   

  5. 4 hours ago, David Horgan said:

    most stuff we read / see / look at /or sent to us online  on the news is untrue , exaggerated or complete bollocks so it well be true what a lorry drivers tells us :rolleyes:

    Only true thing going on is a Volcano on Las Palmas and we don't hear about that , unless its Brexit or Boris's fault :lol:

    cant believe much at all from the media can we . 

    just read , blackouts , no turkey , no sprouts , no lights ,, no kids toys , no carrots , spuds are short , no crackers and  no petrol at Christmas ,  Cheers Happy new F######ing year :lol:

    hope it snows us in till Spring :lol:

    bet Santa is banned too . 



    Snows until spring David clearly you are already prepared and stocked up with 4x4's . As for the so called fuel crisis we have been down the coast for last four weeks and not paying too much attention to the doom and gloom news, that said I noted there has been much made of driver shortages. Never been one to subscribe to conspiracy theories but what news we have seen the supermarkets and fuel suppliers have been banging on about driver shortages. Seems to me they could be trying to put pressure on government, after all as far as I understand this so called fuel crisis started with BP stating they had 20 sites without fuel. Did BP introduce an overtime ban? Who knows? In any event my blue rinse customers wont be changing anytime soon as they have filled their tanks to the brim which will last them to spring bless them. Frozen turkey sales though the roof bet shelves are bursting with turkey's come Christmas, thanks media and the gullible British pubic (Not a typo). By the by I have 1,000 tone of sprouts available should anyone concerned for their Christmas dinner, book early they are going fast! Lol.

  6. On 10/4/2021 at 1:11 PM, Arthur thicken said:

    Hi, Anyone having issues with BCA essential check? I have had three cars recently with clean checks

    but all had noisy and smoking engines. All three new engines. BCA customer services, waste of time, I have

    escalated the issue but seem to be getting blanked there. 

    Then why continue to deal with BCA? Seems to me like they have a different model going forward, WBAC feeding Cinch seems like the long term priority methinks. Leaving the scraps to go through the halls, we dropped them years ago, good company once upon a time when BCA was purely an auction and we all dealt at branch level. Maybe save yourself more grief going forward and buy elsewhere. 

  7. 5 hours ago, MattR said:

    Ive just sent a message to James Baggott asking for him to remove the spam when it happens, might be an idea if some others follow suit. just click on his image on the post at the top of the page and it opens up the option to message him.

    Good call. Clearly they are well aware of the issue as many dealers have descended into serious valve bounce over the spam, yet Car dealer mag chooses to ignore the frustration dealers are feeling. Begs the question do they give a flying **** ? For what it is worth I shall msg James as suggested. 

  8. 9 hours ago, petrol head said:

    I may be wrong, but we are heading to a winter of discontent:

    - Energy prices rising

    - Shortage of CO2

    - Wage inflation

    - Shortage of goods (empty shelves)

    - long NHS waiting lists

    - Possible re intro of lockdown

    All the above likely to affect used car prices negatively IMHO.

    So all positive then! Chin up fella, I was pretty upbeat about the job prior to this, now think I need a lay down in a darkened room.   

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  9. 8 hours ago, petrol head said:

    I think dealing with BCA is a minefield, the conflicts of interest with WBAC and CINCH are enormous and I can't see why or how dealer groups use them. Their service has been shocking for years. 

    We should all stop using them and mount some pressure. 

    Ideal world, sadly the trade does not stick together to mount such pressure. Those of us who have the balls to walk away from BCA or Manheim will have their places filled by other dealers who see an opportunity with reduced buyer opposition. For many of the reasons stated in this thread and more, we reluctantly walked away from BCA and Manheim ten years ago. Same goes for Autotrader walked away based on cost and return. We are still here and doing just fine.  

  10. 8 hours ago, Frank Cannon said:

    Posters are rare as CAP clean cars at auction:P

    I guess we will have to join the advanced area as the garbage out here is becoming untenable. New posts are rare but then I guess we are all concentrating on our respective business's, recovery was always going to be more challenging than the Pandemic however, we do like a challenge in the motor trade don't we folks. :rolleyes:   

  11. We don't buy from BCA walked away around ten years ago when they introduced online handlers trying to deal us on undisclosed damages, increased fees and webuyanycar. So far we have survived and indeed prospered. Venture capital vampires only wish to dominate the market and suck the life out of independents and indeed the motor trade in general. Apparently BCA have bought an airfield to fill with cars for Cinch, control the market is there mission me thinks. Stop buying from them would be a start however, the motor trades biggest failing is that we don't stick together and when stock is so short how many would have the balls to walk away from BCA? 

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  12. 2 hours ago, TM1989 said:

    Hi what’s your opinion? I’m thinking bca are not stocking nowhere near enough stock as previous years. I’m sure they used to have nearly 7000 cars a day for sale and the prices are rocketing SKU high as well. What experience are you guys having? 

    BCA I think will be diverting the premium stock from webuyany car to Cinch. MFL and lease companies extended many contracts during lockdown, those cars will not appear until next year and only if there is adequate new car supply. So many cars in the public domain have done very little miles in the last eighteen months therefore a large proportion of punters will keep hold of their current car for some time yet. There are also a number companies who due to homeworking are rationalising their company car policy in other words not renewing fleet. Prices of stock will be high for some time to come. 

  13. 2 hours ago, David Horgan said:

    Three rules to selling cars 

    mechanical PREP 

    SERVICE the entire car to an inch of its life 

    Body PREP inc Inside . 

    Warranty is not stopping you selling cars , 

    Also think of warranty this way .

    YOU NEED TO SELL it , OK not GIVE IT AWAY as 3 sales a month with free warranty = £140 x3 = £420 x 12 Months = £5,040 a year down the drain .


    100% right David

  14. If you have four cars and find it difficult to gain consumer confidence buying from a smaller site, selling warranties may also be a difficult call. Lawdata and Lawjistics offer printed warranty books at reasonable cost  with detailed terms and conditions so you can self warrant your vehicles with protection for the consumer, you and your business. Preparation is key however, a proper full service and fresh mot is a good starting point, cars unfortunately have a habit of throwing us the odd curved ball, but that's the motor trade.