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All i can say is WOW that is it.

I have been breath taken in the last two days it was amazing. know I'm just going to go into a bit of detail so if your easily bored i suggest switch off now lol.


Firstly i attended last year but this year it was a lot different and more special to me in many ways witch il get on to later. well i woke up yesterday morning and i had been invited to the debate and arranged by the cdm group to stay at the whittle bury hall i wasn't sure if i was going to make it as i had much to do but i was like what the heck so i got behind the wheel and drove down.

Soon as i got to the hotel l i was welcomed by lovely staff and then i bumped in jon amazing bloke i was welcomed got my room keys and head up to the debate. When i arrived i met the team and few familiar faces and was introduced to the people i didn't know. The debate was astranamical great chat and great combination of opinions.

After the debate a few of us hang around had some lovely hot chocolate and some macaroons soon after i headed down to the spa to relax before the bbq.

Later that evening i headed down for dinner i must say thank you to the auto-volo team for the great food and then i met Umesh and few other lads and sat and eat and drank till the early hours of the morning. This was the special part I would like to say a huge thank you for the advice from UMESH  and the lads they took there social time to correct me in my wrong doings and share there wealth of knowledge to a younger man trying to do the job right. Also i forgot to thank ALEXIS and SCOTT and few others sorry had 1 to many and forgot your names but whoever's ear  i was chewing off thank you.

Then the morning of the expo had breakfast set off to the expo a bit later then majority of the group got there around 9.45 so middle of google DAMN but hey I'm there had a good wonder round saw my Mannheim account manager showing off there amazing stand lol and went to some great speakers such as G forces Ivendi Facebook etc.

Went to most stands as i have many products i was more interested inG ex and a good crm so i have a few options to muller over the week. then as i was leaving ollie from g forces caught me and started showing off there new lite cheaper product even the its templates its better then most sites out there. i currently have blue sky media working on a site but its just not right and i don't think it can get right so i was persuade to up my spend and transfer to g forces witch I'm going to think about but i must say there work is breath taking.

know after many sweets tea and coffee I'm home in bed about to have a early night and get geared up to sell all my old stock and start fresh but i couldn't go to sleep without saying thank you to everybody who came and obviously the people who made it happen.

so once again everybody i mentioned and even the people who's name i forgot thank you so much i really really appreciate your time effort and knowledge it means SO much to me that is something money can't buy so thanks once again i mean it from the heart. 

and UMESH I'm going to put your advice in action starting from tomorrow i really appreciate it mate wonderful chap full of life and Alexis and Scott thanks again.


but most of all to the car dealer team you guys are great i don't know what i would do without you the magazine forms the list goes on and on. so James,Andy,Jon the young lady from trade plates and the rest of the team who's names i don't know thank you to i had a ball and what you do for independent dealers like me is great i was really honoured to be apart of the debate thanks once again.


know i think thats enough thank you for one day (actually what every one done for me in the last two days it will be never enough) but i think thats enough of me chatting away as I'm not one to really write on forums but i think from now on i think I'm going to be addicted.


Good Night hope every one arrived home safe.




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Danny, Absolute Pleasure to meet you and have a catch up! 'ACTION ' Mate :) ! Hope fully the advice will help you achieve your goals. Good conversations and  I think everyone around wants to help each other !

Fantastic venue and an AWESOME DAY at #CDX16 - I'm sure everyone got so much out of it !..Think we all simply ran out of time ... next year it may be #CDX17 -2 Days ! 

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