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  1. When i first started few years ago i had a small pitch i used to shut the doors and go away. The same shit will be here when your back so why worry about it. You need some time off do not marry the job. kind regards Dan
  2. To be fair i dont know why your stressing if the customer is becoming a pain after 6 days do you really want headache for the next 6 months. Im guessing its a petrol bmw there always have a shake my guess new injector will sort it. Nox sensor is quite common on them too. I know this because all i sell is bmws. My advice same as umesh and few others Give the customer back the refund get the car back repair it start for next 5 days every morning from cold and test drive and resell it to a customer who wont be a pain. Kind Regards Dan
  3. hi Andrew please inbox me your contact number so we can chat further. kind regards
  4. Im in the market looking for a new dms one that can do all the usual's but make service receipts and one that can automatically check the cars mot from the vrm and aleart when 3 months away to run out etc. dragon 2000 does not do this unfortunately so any suggestions much appreciated dan.
  5. Dead as a bat for me 4 for the month. At this time I'm on 20 haven't sold nothing for 3 weeks stressed at the min
  6. steve why not pop in and say hello !!! thats temp text will all be changed on monday that site was launched in rush as autotrader site went dead thanks for the reply kind regards
  7. Hi just to let everyone know that has helped and for some feedback as im doing changes next week but finally 2 years of deciding finally got the finished products ready to show everyone. When business was quite a lot of people criticized the website so here it is the finish products please feel free to give your honest thoughts anything they dont like thank you in advance.
  8. for september its very quite down south. Most dealers finance reps etc saying everyone behind target even had a finance company saying they can give me money for coustmers at 2% flat i was like wow only sold 5 or 6 with 40 in stock saturday today two time wasters arghhhhhh
  9. 3 from 12 advertised is good my man chip up and be happy. try 2 from 40 advertised lol
  10. Theres always a thread for september and this month i haven't seen one so i thought il make one only done 2 this month 40 advertised very quite every body else look forward to see your comments.
  11. firstly rory 25 cars since february i think if we done 25 cars since february we would have closed shop by now hahhahaha. Hi mike iv been watching this post and reading all the comments and frankly half of what you say does not make sense. People on this forum are here to help you they try and better you not the opposite. How can you not justify the trade plates cost simply how its like £200 or under of the year you rather put cars in your name add a extra owner and tax them thats some rubbish mentality of thinking. Also selling cars sold as seen mate seriously are you for real ? you don't give customers warranties not to be rude but its people like you who F*** the job for motor traders on this forum who do the job properly such as prep a car check them warranty etc etc good luck with what you do no doubt you will realise everyone was right on here dan.
  12. very busy this week loads today audi a5 3.0tdi peugeot 5008 today 520d x 2 e280 sports x5 40d 320i m sport was dead few weeks ago not bad last 3 weeks only problem now can't buy stock i brought some from nottingham bmws all over priced but hey can't sell fresh air hope all is well
  13. Maybe it's a sign saying this is one of the jobs arse**** rory good to hear mate and we'll done smashing it like a pro !!!
  14. 5 this week not bad good profits across would be a x5 40d but some Albanians came in and we're just plane rude arguing with me about silly things we done a deal and they could not get drive away so they was like we will check insurance and come back becouse they might not insure it for a 34 year old man with 4 years ncb I was like this is just going round and round and his mate was like warranty do t matter becouse if it breaks in 3 months il come back and get a refund and kept arguing with me that his was right there part ex was battered and they wanted the world for it so i was like forget this don't worry bout it i don't wanna sell u a car rory yeah things are picking up slowly so fingers crossed mate it stays that way hope everyone else is well and busy
  15. Rory good to hear mate well done 3 so far this week hopefully few more by sat all new stock moving all old stock dead in the wind kind regards