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  1. Why did you not go to trading standards as well they are not just there for the public. That would then hopefully stop these kind of sales. As you say you had them bang to rights and in my opinion gross misconduct. No matter its a trade sale they knew the faults and should have been advertised with those by law. Wonder what poor trader got lumbered.
  2. James all the best fo the future. But why don't you sell it as a going concern nice pitch with nice stock good reputation?. Worth a try.
  3. Oi!!! GAVIN I am over 60 you young upstart, LOL, No you have not made me angry. I would build houses for our kids where they need them and want them, in the villages they grew up in and on the green belt. I love wind farms and lived by them in Cornwall with no problems. I would also make all farmers have solar panels on their barns. Also I am not afraid of change. I also help the younger generation if I can, however they want to run before they can walk. I like the europeans and hold the Polish in high regard. The europeans have done our service industry the world of good. At least we get served with a smile now and they put your food in front of you pleasantly unlike a young brit who just slams the plate down and grunts. One of the best holidays I ever had was in, WAIT FOR IT, Germany they were most welcoming and really pleased that we had gone for a holiday in their country. However I do believe that the European diktats must and should be held accountable and that they should also be elected. This apple could fall either side of the fence but at the moment the wind is blowing in the direction of out of the garden. Its not all doom and gloom.
  4. I use Autoguard they are reliable and never had issues with them.
  5. Talk to Glyn at below provides website hosting and google. Builds a lot for motor trade. You will be pleased with prices to. Tel 0161 932 1117
  6. It's a funny old game. Sold 3 cars this week which I thought had been welded to the forecourt.
  7. Sorry Headmaster, You are correct it is you're and I should have known better. I have written 100 lines today saying you're a brilliant headmaster. However I do wonder how many time Ashley Maddison was searched for today. LOL
  8. Your thinking of Ashley Maddison
  9. open the boot or window daily let air circulate. Keep them closed and you will be selling a big Fur Ball.
  10. Warranty must be a pain in the RS for these cars though even upselling a insured warranty. I know the law states what a reasonable person would expect from a car this age and mileage and there are many reasonable customers out there. However we have all had Mr R Sole purchase from us and he would be a nightmare on one of these. Whilst on subject of warranty why do people trust Kwik Fit more than a garage with time served apprentices. ( Mr R Sole also goes to Kwik Fit ) Mr R Sole has ABS light come on goes into Kwik Fit oh you need 2 ABS Sensors, 2 New discs & Set pads, Rear Brake shoes and 2 Rear wheel cylinders, all told to him & fitted by a 17 year old none time served qualified Mechanic. How does your warranty cover that scenario or how do you protect yourself from this on high mileage cars?. Its no wonder Kwik Fit like Mr R Sole.
  11. To be honest I had forgot about CD auctions and I have purchased from them in past. Personally I found them very proffesional with accurate appraisals, Can not remember at any time having a problem. In fact they must have been one of the first online car auctions out there. No problems collecting vehicles either nice clean premises and helpful staff. Thank you for reminding me of something which I had forgotten. Edward I will be back in touch Tuesday / Wednesday
  12. When does a business need to be VAT registered?A business must register to pay VAT when the value of its taxable supplies exceeds the registration threshold (£82,000 per annum in 2015-16). Please note supplies = sales. Purchases do not come into it. Direct from HMRC So someone selling 40 cars a year at 2K a car would not need to be VAT registered. or combination of cars upto threshold. A dealer selling 30 cars per year at @ 2K and 3 cars @ 8K would require to be vat registered. We all hate paying VAT on repairs and costs then giving VAT Man 1/6th of profit. If someone trades from home, pays all taxes due, maintains vehicle and sell to a high standard I see no problem with them, as majority on here started that way. I did and proud of it. Problem is we have become a nation that must buy everything cheap. Thats why Lidle, Aldi and discount shops have been doing so well and customers expect it everywhere now. We even expect a great deal when we outsource a body repair or specialist engine repair none of us go for the highest price quote we go for reliability and ROI. Someone said earlier about trade only auctions I remember when Manheim did trade only auction weekly and had seperate auction days for Public or trade. Problem is like everything it comes down to cost. Why have all the staff required for a auction another day when you can fit it into the auction days you have. ROI again. However I do have a problem with side of road dealers no warranty and no inspection and sell quick for £200 profit whilst claiming unemployment and do not care if anyones child or family member gets killed in a unsafe car. 1 Guy round here change his trade name 3 times last year. BASICALLY DO IT RIGHT AND SLEEP AT NIGHT. TRADE ONLY FORUMS. THERE IS ONE ALREADY RUNNING. STARTED BY A RESPECTED INDEPENDANT DEALER. When breaking cars you must be registered with DVLA, COUNCIL and POLICE so why cant they run a register along those lines for car dealers, or say we must register with DVLA, Trading Standards & Police and get a registration number issued by those 3 Bodies, that we in turn have to place into our adverts. This would help when dealing with customers proving we are legally trading. That in turn should keep unscrupolous traders out. I have not set out to offend anyone and appologise if my thoughts have done so in any way. OOPS I think thats enough.
  13. When I signed for motors package was up to 100 cars. That was on basic package 10 mile search criteria. So any one with say 30 cars should nail it in my opinion.
  14. According todays invoice £75pw for full tennancy package inc filtering down to all sites not just basic sites. I dont get charged £2 for each car either.