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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone I'm really stuck don't know what to do. Business is really quite been like this for a month but don't know what more to do we stock typically 4o german cars as thats all we deal in. But the phone is not ringing at all and I'm getting really worried. i brought 9 cars from the bmws sale in nottingham baca in mid febaury over 100k worth of cars not even a single call on anyway getting really worried now. also brought some mercy around the same time but still no calls i see few supermarkets cheaper then me but as I'm in deep essex i don't think it will matter to much but just for the record they are BIG MOTORING WORLD CAR GIANT but i advertise on eBay,auto trader,motors and I'm really getting worried about this stock i brought etc. what am i doing wrong ??? if someone can take the time out to please look at my site or search our cars on auto trader from a fellow trader to trader it will help a lot. many thanks in advance. basildon car sales ss14 3au 01268 2800 40 kind regards