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  1. I recently had the misfortune of winning a vehicle at BCA. The car was sold with EML on but later they called me to tell me the engine smokes and is noise when I questioned this I was met with aggressiveness. Many calls back and forth nothing changed in the end I accepted I may have made a mistake when bidding (not heard the auctioneer mention above faults). Usually I printscreen the description as well as the pictures but on this occasion it was at a branch I've never had a problem with. On the day of the delivery I refused the vehicle as it didn't start, they tried to threaten me but I refused point blank. They took it to the nearest bca depot, they just would not accept their mistake. Kept telling me cars mess up overtime. Unfortunately I've had to accept it as they were adding charges on and just found out the engine is dead. A non starter advertised in the wrong category. I'm currently seeking advice on court action. If there are others looking to take them to court perhaps we can join forces and appoint one solicitor?
  2. I'm fed up of the games, beating around the Bush. If I sold this vehicle I'd be liable, why can't we expect the same professionalism? I have just found out from someone that their account is on hold (suspended) with BCA as they questioned having bought a Grade 9 vehicle advertised in the incorrect category as substantially damaged. I didn't know grade 9 existed? How can they just do this, when challenged?
  3. Has anyone had recent dealings with BCA? Since going 'online only' I've had some absolute shocking buys. Any advice on a legal challenge? I recently bought a vehicle that was not described as a non runner. They've later sent me an amended description stating it was mentioned as running with engine faults, I've asked for the recording of the sale and they've told me they don't record sales, having spoken to another branch I've been told they do have recordings. I wasn't aware of this and paid in full with delivery for the car, only to be called on the day they were loading the car to be told the car won't go on the transporter and I'd need to pay more for delivery for a non runner.. When I questioned this I was met with aggressiveness, you bidded etc I said yes but not on a non runner and if its anon runner why isn't it in the correct category? Basically they missold it with a false description and then have the cheek to charge me additionally for delivery. They've now put my account on hold and have kept my money as I refused to take delivery of the car. Repeatedly they said the engine starts, so I said OK il take it but I'm not paying additional amount for delivery, they said fine. A day later I get a call from the driver who told me he would be with me for the next morning and that 'I know the car doesn't start, don't I." I was mortified and then called the branch to be met with a' what's your problem' attitude. They didn't cancel the driver, despite me telling them I wouldn't take the car. The driver rang me the next morning to say I know you're not taking it but I just want to say I'm passing by your area. I apologised and said I wouldn't be taking it. How can this company still be trading? I'd really welcome watchdog to investigate this company. They are charging buyer fees, etc yet are misrepresenting their stock how can this be allowed?