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    We don't buy from BCA walked away around ten years ago when they introduced online handlers trying to deal us on undisclosed damages, increased fees and webuyanycar. So far we have survived and indeed prospered. Venture capital vampires only wish to dominate the market and suck the life out of independents and indeed the motor trade in general. Apparently BCA have bought an airfield to fill with cars for Cinch, control the market is there mission me thinks. Stop buying from them would be a start however, the motor trades biggest failing is that we don't stick together and when stock is so short how many would have the balls to walk away from BCA?
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58335060 The headline is, that new car production is down 37.6%. Perhaps now is the time for the market correction that has been building up for ages, the fact is there is (was) overproduction of cars basically flooding the market, getting people into them with big discounts and (IMHO) stupidly high amounts of finance/borrowing. With the way the world and the environment is going, less wastage and consumerism is a long term good thing. Of course it would be a big shake up for UK with so much car manufacturing based here but then there's worker shortages in many other UK industry sectors.
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    Wow, I hadn’t thought of that. When you say “do it smartly with your customer” do you mean Roger them whilst wearing a suit? Thanks for the shit advice you prick.
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    Love it, and also, Chinesium Stainless will be rusty rotten first time it rains, even if he isn't living by the coast I've recently earned a small fortune outta one of our local garages, they keep fitting First Line and Intermotor Sensors, Crank, Cam, MAF, MAP, and also a VW EGR Water Pump, none of which fixed the faults, same codes came straight back, garage sent customer here saying it must be a Wiring or ECU issue Who am I to argue, so I buy a decent Bosch, Siemens, etc etc part, fit that and charge it out accordingly
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    All of the above. What is available is usually sub prime and prices are too high. I just don't see the margins as worthwhile when you work back from retail.
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    With the private stuff you need to be really fast these days but we are lucky enough to have a few people that offer us stuff etc and come direct.
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    Let’s not be hasty, I’m still pondering the bitcoin ‘opportunity’ and I do need help with that report that’s due?
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    I've just noticed they're taking money from me for tax on a car that was sold in July, I'd taxed it to use as a runner, when sold completed online as normal and it'd normally cancel the DD once you've done that, guess I'll be joining the que then too
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    Exactly whats happening , all the prime stuff is going to Cinch as and when needed , We as independents are effectively now buying from a retailer called BCA/Cinch who are one . Quite a few vendors have given BCA notice to quit their contracts , stating they wont deal with competitors who are retailers . Notts BCA is now a CINCH site , never again will it be an Auction again , It usually has 4,000 cars on site but last week only housed 900 so low supply and BCA diverting stock to the CINCH cause has depleted stocks very aggressively.
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    They’re not stocking enough because there’s not enough stock out there. backlog of new car builds=less p/x’s and lease companies holding onto cars for longer. higher priced used cars means joe public deciding to keep hold of what they have and not trading it in or selling to WBAC etc no p/x’s or ex lease cars means nothing trickling into the auctions. supply and demand at auction with a short supply of stock means prices rise. It’s a vicious circle I watched a grade 5, 114k mile, 2014 mondeo with a poor assured report (eml on in limp mode with blocked dpf and turbo related fault codes) fetch £100 over cap clean today. Things are getting silly.
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    A little short of his $8B valuation: https://cardealermagazine.co.uk/publish/cazoo-raises-1bn-as-it-starts-trading-on-the-new-york-stock-exchange-after-merger-is-completed/232198 Still a massive valuation of a company that offers nothing it's competitors don't?
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    I don’t think I’ll be around to see it (sorry, I couldn’t resist it).
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    Yeah that’s just what I had in mind, thanks!
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    Thinking of working for someone else, applied at citroen they wanted 2cvs. But I am quite good at making sausages, that could be a little business idea, online, send us a pm I'll send you a link. Bloke next door is quite successful, he runs a puncture service, just bought a lovely big house, he started from a little flat. I don't know, it's so quiet round here, paper shop has folded, tv aerial fitters have called in the receivers, watch menders have called it time, locksmiths are doing ok though, key workers i guess. Anyway just thought I would give you something to smile about, I knew this corona virus would end up in tiers. Asked in boots other week, is there a cure for this corona virus this woman said "ammonia cleaner " sorry love I said, I thought you were a chemist. Let me know if your lonely and spending Xmas alone, I need some chairs Now go sell some cars .
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    Low biting point is very very common on every model of Hyundai. Just fit a new clutch which are very reasonably priced in LUK at eurocarparts. However also check where the clutch master cylinder meets with the clutch pedal itself, on the 2015 i30 this is made from plastic and wears, so the hole becomes elongated and therefore the shaft into the master, isn't getting full travel, If so sort this first.
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    Reading this is like bad sex! You know what’s going to happen, and how awful it will be, but you still can’t stop yourself!