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  1. We have just begun our 2nd year trading and fortunately it seems didn’t meet the threshold for being VAT Registered. Thanks for the reply’s that has cleared a bit up for me and you can be sure if I am required to be VAT Registered I will certainly do that. I asked the question to make sure I was going about this the correct way rather than taking an educated guess. Thanks for this lol!
  2. Hello All, I have been reading these forums for years and always found great advice on here. I am currently in our second year of trading and we are still fairly small so not required to be VAT Registered just yet. We spend a lot of money on VAT, Fuel, expenses, parts, bills etc and it seems like a great idea to get VAT Registered and start claiming that money back.... however I would like to hear from some experienced dealers who have been through this rather than listening to the usual “ Yeah course it’s worth it you can claim all your VAT Back”. I personally do not beleive mr tax man would give anything back without taking it with the other hand. any advice would be appreciated and I look forward to some funny and probably sarcastic responses!