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  1. On 1/19/2021 at 12:11 AM, Daz said:

    Had one recently.... 2012 Plate Zafira.... cheap, reliable-ish. New test.

    Customer Calls:

    Hi calling about the zafira on your website, I'm looking for a very safe car. I've three kids you know?!

    Me: Yep all our cars are inspected prior to sale plus this has a new test.

    Customer: Great, what's the lowest you'll go on it.

    Me: Our stock is advertised to sell. Its advertised at our best price.

    Customer: The advert says it has 4 New chunky tyres, How much will you do it for without the tyres.... (She had a 2005 Zafira and wanted to somehow use her old tyres)

    She wasnt even joking..... the lockdown loony brigade.

    Give it her on bricks:lol:

  2. Latest one I applied for took over 4 weeks. If you have green new keepers slip you can send that of with your v62 and don’t need to pay the £25 fee. Tick the box saying you have not received the logbook. Will be quicker than just the v62.