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  1. Hi,

    can anyone help? having a bit of a issue

    May be a simple answer to it all and I've been overlooking it. Looking to trade part time on my days off from my other job, with having 0 experience and under 25 i have been looking at traders insurance but its expensive for someone in my circumstances, anyone got any idea's how I can get the cars from the auctions home at a relatively small/reasonable cost? or is the solution just to insure every car separately on a short term insurance?


    any helps appreciated.

  2. 3 minutes ago, trade vet said:

    Ok then Matts,what is the best deal you have done so far.How did you do it,how much did it cost you to do it and how much did you get paid !

    Sorry trade vet, I'm not sure I have pitched this over to you correctly, I'm not currently a broker or sell cars, bottom line is just someone with a interest looking for a new career, looking for info about how it works, whats needed, how things work etc, apologies if I have came across as something else. Im at that point where Ive never sold a car for profit in my life, everyone was there at one point weren't they?

    my next step get into touch with some dealers, workshop owners I know try and get some info from them, but thought id start on this forum

    Thanks Matt

  3. 5 minutes ago, tradex said:

    "so out of curiosity? how are these car leasing companies offering lease deals and pop i.e 500 down 330pm on half decent cars making money?"

    Honestly, if you need to ask you have the mother of all learning curves....or to be blunt you haven't got a clue how this industry works...not to say you won't learn, we all started knowing sweet FA.

    Please don't use your redundancy pay to enter the business, it will end in tears.

    Your right, I agree myself.

    Im not sure if you've ever been made redundant but this is my second time, however when your hobby is finding cars for your mates and trying to get them the best deal possible, you have a strong network of people around you for example 2 friends that are a mechanic, 1 an account, and 2 salesmen, I'm taking this learning curve with a pinch of salt but I am sick of working for other people and want to be my own boss, my idea is just turning something I enjoy doing into a business.

    Cheers Matt


  4. 16 hours ago, trade vet said:

    I am sorry,the bottom line is,you cannot be a successfull broker if you are not an ex dealer.You need to talk the language for a start,that takes years.You have to be able to get a better deal on swappers,finance,warranty and have contacts for better value aftercare/servicing etc.For doing that you should be able to charge a flat fee as you will get FA from the retailer as net margins are too low.You may be better off doing something else.



    thanks for the reply I can appreciate the honesty, 

    so out of curiosity? how are these car leasing companies offering lease deals and pop i.e 500 down 330pm on half decent cars making money?


    cheers Matt

    49 minutes ago, justina3 said:

    I am still very confused under what conditions would i pay someone to go buy a car for me, ok maybe if i was an A list celeb i wouldnt want to do anything mundane like go car shopping but do they not have agents or pa's that take care of those kind of things.

    But good luck if you think you spotted a gap in the market go for it, its only money


    thanks for the reply I can appreciate the honesty, 

    same question to you 

    so out of curiosity? how are these car leasing companies offering lease deals and pop i.e 500 down 330pm on half decent cars making money?

    cheers Matt

    3 hours ago, BHM said:

    Matt, turn the tables on yourself and have a think as though you're a potential customer. 

    Why would someone looking for a car come to you to find it? The internet's a powerful tool that is available even to someone living in a mud hut in the middle of Outer Mongolia, never mind punters in the U.K.

    No one buying cheap bangers or run of the mill cars has a use for this service and more importantly for you, if you even managed to source cheap new cars through the dealer network (highly unlikely) then the profit isn't there for you. 

    As for high end motors, lets say Porsche/Ferrari. Why would a prospective purchaser come to you rather than a dealer? and good luck getting a discount there.

    Then as you'll only be taking a deposit how are YOU going to finance these new(ish) cars to get them from your supplier to the customer? If you're expecting to get a sale or return deal then you don't know this game very well. 

    Finally, (and I'm making an assumption here) if you haven't had experience of the general public & how they behave regarding money then you're in for an awful surprise - they'll fuck you around until the cows come home UNTIL it's time to show some financial commitment and it's that time that sorts the wheat from the chaff. Even assuming all of the above paragraphs fall into place for you then you've got this paragraph to deal with!

    Honestly Matt, save your time & redundancy money. Go & buy a few from the auction & then you'll get some real experience in this game from purchase through to sale because believe me, there's plenty inbetween 'the purchase' to 'the sale' that anyone new to this game really doesn't appreciate.

    HI mate,

    thanks for the comprehensive reply its really appreciated,

    like I said I'm trying to do all the digging and info finding I can before I make a decision on wether this is for me or not

    from this forum I'm really just taking all the information I can get and putting it all together to see how it works from source to sale and see if there is a way I can be a little bit different which is going to be deal breaker. 

    I'm sat in a fairly lucky position at the moment to have a few months to consider it

    Cheers Matt

  5. 17 minutes ago, Mojo121 said:

    You're thinking about it in the wrong way. The value in a service like this is finding a customer which a specific need who hasn't got the knowledge, doesn't have time or doesn't trust dealers  - that's who you advertise to and you use those three cruxes to create advertising campaigns with. You wait for someone to bite. Then, you spend time with them on the phone or in person, and get a really thorough spec. You have to really understand and like PEOPLE. You then take a 50% retainer fee promising a shortlist of cars, refundable if you don't deliver. You do your searching and ping them the list over. Then you visit the dealer to do a deal. You never handle any of their money, they bank transfer it directly over to the dealer or you email them the finance forms to fill in.

    So, the advantage you have is dealers take guesses, we stock cars we THINK the public will like but some customers are very specific and have a specific 'needs', especially at the upper ends of the market. Your job, and the only way I see it works, is finding people with the need who also fall into one of the three categories I mentioned earlier. You must forget the idea of advertising specific cars that you like hoping for a buyer, we all do that already.

    I'm probably going to get shot on here for replying but I did entertain this some thought the other day... I guess the fact I'm giving my thoughts away says alot though :lol:


    Genuinely thanks for the reply I haven't looked at it this way before.

    Ill take this and put it with all the other information I have gathered.

    Cheers Matt

  6. 32 minutes ago, Mojo121 said:

    If people value the service, and you want a reasonable reception off of a dealer, the customer should pay you a fee. .

    The difficulty is - what do you know? What do you bring? Why will people trust you?

    If you can get people to pay you then crack on!

    could not agree more with the questions you asked, if I was a customer thats exactly what I would be thinking..

    what I am looking for through this thread is the how can I explain "transition of sale" from, me either finding a car or advertising a car with a finance example (still haven't got round how you would do that)  all the way through to seller -> broker -> dealer -> car delivered to customer! 

    I do not mean to sound ignorant or rude or abrupt when I say this but I would not really want to disclose the reasons I would be different from other dealers on a dealer forum if you get me? 

    thanks for the replies guys, keep going.


    17 minutes ago, Max Branning said:

    For bread and butter stuff this wont work, no one is going to pay you to find them a ford focus. It is just too easy to go online and find it yourself.

    If you are looking at the prestige or classic market then it may be viable, but you would really need to know your stuff and have contacts.

    If i was buying a 200 grand ferrari why would i come to you? what can you offer me ?

    Thanks Max,

    Yes this was what I was thinking the bread and butter market requires a lot of work and small margins, Im not expecting mega money from sales but enough to make it worth it. Prestige cars is something I would like to go into, contacts and relationships are something i'm going to get into, like that saying Rome wasn't built in a day, I am realistic at times

    thanks for the questions, adding them to the list of things to work out.

  7. 19 minutes ago, Mojo121 said:

    What are you actually trying to do? Call me stupid but I don't get this whole car brokering business. It seems like just another person trying to stick their finger in the pie, but one that offers completely zero value. Do you know anything about the industry?

    These guys seem to do okay - is this brokering?

    Yeah sort of the same concept I'm looking for, call me dillusional but what I am trying to do is have a client base through advertising and various routes I have thought of, I find people the cars they want and offer them how much its going to be, if they then buy it i would take commission by introducing the buyer to the seller and that is the bit I want info on is how people make commission through finding other people cars? do you get my train of thought ha? I have been sending myself in a ball of confusion trying to work it out or if its even a thing...

  8. Hi all,

    Before I start I would just like you to know I am ready for a absolute grilling, I know what your thinking here comes another person wanting to do car brokering and thinks it will just take off and make money instantly.

    Got a small redundancy payout and want to do my own thing, Ive came to this page for some advice or a contact or anything really?

    I am really interested in looking to start my own car brokering business and have spent hours looking into how it works online etc but seem to not really find the info I'm looking for. What I am looking for is information or a crash course in brokering one might call it, I want to start my own business however I need to know all the information first before I even begin to take something like this on, it might not even be for me. I seem to understand you have to have your own business be regulated by the FCA and BVRLA before you have any legal credibility.

    Im looking for information about the whole cycle from;

    advertising/getting a enquiry all the way down to the car being in the owners hands and you taking commission?

    once I've got all this information I want to figure out a Unique selling point what I can offer if there is one

    Please any help would be appreciated, and yes I can take criticism on the chin.


    Thanks Matt