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Roof mounted screen not working Nissan Elgrand E51

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12 hours ago, Paul Falcon Cars said:

Can anyone help 

Roof monitor not folding opening. 

Check the obvious first (fuses).

Then check for power at the unit..   Remove the surround by using a trim tool at the centre of the LH and RH side of the surround to pop the big retainers (just one each side). There are a series of smaller clips that release quite easily - just pull vertically down.

There are two connectors - one at each rear corner. IIRC the left hand one carries power. Probe for power. If the unit has power it is likely that the motor has failed or the gears stripped.  Used units are normally less than £100.  The assembly is held to the roof braces by 4x 10mm nuts on studs (two each side). 

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36 minutes ago, BHM said:

How old is this monitor? 10-15 years old? 

Yes, E51 series are around that sort of age. But they are pretty solid - built for the long haul.

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