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Has anyone been able to Get any clarification from auction houses in regards to trade card levels and if they will extend the same levels  for a further 12 months ,as im defiantly going to drop a leval and have emailed bca on a number of occasions about this and had nothing back 

hope your all well and safe 

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I haven't made one purchase via any auction house since the start of this so called "Pandemic" simply because I will not buy blind. I have, however, been buying from other online sources where I can view and drive the vehicle, with quite a bit of success. I have heard some horror stories about "BCA" in particular and for that reason I probably won't be buying from BCA in the future. IMO, BCA have used the lockdown to fill their boots, their assessors must be walking around the cars with dark glasses and a white stick !

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If your platinum it will fall to gold if you don't make the numbers .

If your gold they will drop you to Silver if you don't make the 12 purchases in one rolling year .

However get in touch when they drop you and ask to be put back , they are going to look at the time scale you last bought and previous history , buts in their interest to get you back as a customer isn't it , so ask them , probably say we will put you back up and you will have to buy say 4 cars in two months as that's gold level isn't it .


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