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My 2-pennethworth (someone asked me this stuff privately, so I thought I would post it) is that everyone has cars. But there is only one *YOU*.

So, you need to present online or FB or wherever.

Do what other people don't do... buy yourself an edge.

It's worth to spend a few quid on great photos from (say) a wedding photographer, build up a real album of them to use. I'd say photos are the thing most people screw up on. Explain you need photos that *pop*. Make sure they are full HD (or bigger). Splash £1000 for a full portfolio of great photos, In all shapes and sizes.

I would really say, just be YOU. Try not to be deliberately funny, but give your opinions. Don't be shy. Consider the photos need to be well lit/bright primary colour clothing, doing stuff like sweeping the floor etc (not stood there like an idiot). Polishing cars, doing stuff. Jump starting. Use props. throw things, use action. Look at the camera. Use emotion, shout, get angry. All those make great photos. Don't be a grinning idiot in a suit.

Give as much personal info as you can, be brave, then people will make up their minds whether they will trust you. Don't be anonymous. Don't pretend to be a big co if you aren't. Always say *I*, not *WE*. Always.

Then, start to make movies, watch that interview with JB and Carwow yesterday, just make loads of short 15 sec to 1 min movies. Someone will like them. Make sure they are full HD, and GET THE SOUND GOOD.

None of this costs much, but £500 on photos is a really good investment, no one else will do that.

Use animated gifs... like these ones, here is me and Adrian.

Make sure you POP online, don't have to be stupid, you just need to have more oooomph than the rest :) Keep it personal.

The trick is, you need stuff people will pass to other people and say "worth looking at this". Easy.





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