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James Baggott

You asked, we delivered... but now a few rules

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Hi all


You asked for a Buy & Sell section on this forum so we've delivered. However, a few rules:


1. This is categorically NOT a place for firms to sell their services to dealers. Anyone posting blatant advertising to our forum members will be banned and their post removed. Car Dealer Magazine, its website and this forum is funded by our loyal advertisers - so if you want to promote your services talk to me or the team and we'll show you how you can do it.


2. Feel free to leave contact details for those who want to buy from you.


3. Play nicely. Be kind to each other. You're all dealers so treat each other with the respect you deserve. Treat each other as you'd wish to be treated. And all those other meaningful sayings. 


4. We take no responsibility for what is posted in here. It's an open forum so be wary. Don't do anything stupid.


5. Report any dodgy stuff to me - I'll monitor this as closely as I can, but will appreciate any one mentioning something they feel needs our attention.


This area is designed as a swap shop. An area where you can list bits you might want to get rid of or swap that you can't be bothered to list on eBay.


Use a picture if you've got one, list a price if you have one and leave contact details


We'll monitor how this forum develops and reserve the right to change, amend or remove any adverts.


Over to you!

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I think each time there is something someone to sell they should start a new thread in this forum with the headline of what it is - that way it will be easier for people to search... What do you think?

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