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When is a dealer not a dealer!
A good friend of mine who likes changing his cars regularly asked me to find a car for him been searching a few weeks but not found the ‘right car-deal’ , many times he’s found the car and sent me a link to see if I can buy/deal ! This one has proved a bit difficult but he’s found the car at a dealer at a reasonable price! The ‘overall ‘deal is acceptable and he’s happy to do a deal.
The deal is set up and I was going to go with him tonight to inspect the car / paper work and all being equal pay and come back with the car ( as long as both parties happy with both cars! ) my friend just called the dealer to confirm the details for tonight – The dealer says “ sorry but can’t accept card payment as it’s my brother in laws car – only cash?†so my friend rang me to say could we get the cash for him !! STOP! STOP I shouted.
I asked my friend to call the dealer and ask about the invoice? The 12 months warranty? – the reply was “ Anyone can buy a warranty you don’t have to be a dealer , I can’t do you an invoice as it snot my car it’s my brother in laws and you’re buying the car off him!â€
As you can guess –we won’t be going tonight ( we have told him)
Is this a new way to sell cars?

legal obligations?


Legal title / owner?


Opens up a can of worms if you ask me!

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Assuming the guy was a dealer in the first place, he would be in for a big surprise. Some dealers think that saying its a friends / family car, or is a trade sale, precludes them from their liabilities. But this isn;t the case. He would have certain obligations simply because he's a dealer and i think if our fries at TSI got hold of this they'd have a field day !

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It's common on eBay on to put up trade sale etc

These guys want to have their cake and eat it, sell at retail price, act like its a trade to trade sale

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