Getting into Car brokering?

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as i have said many times if you have to come on an internet message board asking how to do it you're doomed to failure

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6 hours ago, MattS said:

Sorry trade vet, I'm not sure I have pitched this over to you correctly, I'm not currently a broker or sell cars, bottom line is just someone with a interest looking for a new career, looking for info about how it works, whats needed, how things work etc, apologies if I have came across as something else. Im at that point where Ive never sold a car for profit in my life, everyone was there at one point weren't they?

my next step get into touch with some dealers, workshop owners I know try and get some info from them, but thought id start on this forum

Thanks Matt

This is so naive it's embarrassing...

I'm thinking of becoming a professor of Astro physics, can anyone guide me to a academic forum where I can pick their brains......btw I have no experience but surely it can't be that hard :) all they do is smoke dope and look at the stars ✨ 

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10 hours ago, andymc1973 said:

i want to make money on the stock exchange, buy low sell high

Now you've given the game away everyone will want to do it!

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