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Has anyone got a wrong MoT mileage on the same day amended by DVSA?

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I've recently bought a car which failed its first MoT in 2018 and passed it on the same day after new tyres. In the morning, the MoT tester put the mileage as 25k and in the afternoon when it passed he put 21k!

I've emailed advising them that the 21k was incorrect and fairly obviously one of the mileages entered is wrong as no car can be on 25k and 21k on the same day! All the other MoTs are correct as is the service history, it's a 1 owner with a print out of a full service history from the supplying main dealer. I assumed it would be clearcut to get this resolved as these sort of issues with HPI NMR are swiftly taken off if it's an incorrect entry by a garage or previous owner. However, understandably HPI can't help as the DVSA have to remove the incorrect mileage themselves.

I've just got this reply from the DVSA:

                    Following your request to amend the vehicle record, we are unable to amend the record at this time, the evidence provided was not sufficient or robust to warrant the change that you have requested.

 In order for us to consider making this change in the future, please resubmit ALL of your request once you have further evidence.

Evidence accepted can be:

  • emissions record
  • invoice
  • service record
  • job sheet

Please blank out any personal information on these documents;

This evidence must contain

  • vehicle registration and/or VIN
  • date matching the date of test completion (+/- 1 day)
  • mileage

They need to show what the mileage should be, and show the same date as the MOT test.

Note we do not accept MOT certificates as proof of mileage.


Please note the service record supplied (dated 29/11/18) is not within the above criteria.


This evidence must relate to the vehicle that the request is being made and must be from the date that the MOT test was conducted. (+/- 1 day)

If you do not send the right evidence, DVSA will be unable to make the amendments as requested.

Further guidance and evidence requirements can be found online at



As expected from dealing with any tax payer funded institution, this is of no help to me! I'd have thought it was pretty obvious one of the mileages is incorrect as both entries were made on the same day.

I'd greatly appreciate any advice on how to resolve this - all I have is the service history which I've already submitted and the last MoT certificate from 2020.

Will contacting the garage that did the MoT with the wrong mileage help? Are they able to delete the wrong mileage themselves? If anyone has a sympathetic contact at the DVSA it would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.



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I'd not worry too much. A sensible customer will look at the service history, see the fault, and buy the car. its not a huge error anyway.

I understand that DVSA should be correcting this, but its a government agency. I'd leave it much as I know its wrong.

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I seem to be getting this more and more regularly. The email they have sent you is a generic email. 
The best way to correct it is to contact the mot centre that entered the incorrect mileage and get them to send you the invoice for the mot showing the correct mileage, then forward it to mot replacement. 
The mot centre only has a certain amount of time to correct the mileage, I think it’s 30 days after the test. 

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Thanks for the advice, it's very true that a sensible customer shouldn't be concerned but I've had people put off perfectly good cars because of the slightest detail so ideally I'd like to get this sorted as it is so blindingly obvious that it's a mistake given no car can have two totally different mileages on the same day.

I'll give the MoT centre a call, hopefully they will be helpful in sending out an invoice! GDPR seems to be a great excuse for being no help whatsoever though......either that or the current situation! 

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Honestly mate I wouldn’t be sweating over this, it’s a none-issue.

9 hours ago, MJG50 said:

I've had people put off perfectly good cars because of the slightest detail

So what? On older cars these are exactly the punters you don’t want to be dealing with.

Move on. You have better things to do with your time.

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Do a short video and send to them where you show the reg, chassis & mileage. Don’t forget to say “is this sufficient enough?” :lol:

Other than that I would take it up with the MOT station, see what their advice is.

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