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Found 4 results

  1. Just posted this in the IMDA , Officially price increase on 1st April , Letters /emails in the post, not got mine but I asked yesterday. Approx cost rise is £4.50/5.00 per car -per month ! Nice .. Just think 436776 cars showing this morning .. say 350,000 are dealers cars at £4.50 per car do the sums !! £££££ Finance Calculator is chargeable from 1st April ( As I've previously mentioned it has NOT generated any deals for me since September 2016 !! ) but if you read all their posts/blurb its the best thing since sliced bread. As you've probably guessed it, IF you don't pay for the finance calc and customers search by monthly payments your CARS WILL NOT SHOW ( Just like PX Tool didn't ) as it can't work the payments without the chargeable calculator, the option they are offering is to have a FREE One but it's from ZUTO ! ( told them I'll be having Zuto but many of my images , now we have 100 will be saying finance ONLY Through ourselves and not Zuto, which they say it's up to me if that's what I wish to do!! Cost of their calculator for my stock circa £70 per month. Now the good bit .. The stock display will be better and the profile page for each dealer will also be better ! ( So they say!) AND How's about this for a 'U' Turn, FREE, Yes FREE Feed export to anyone from dealer portal. ( I said there is only one reason for this, they have lost so much business to the likes of Click dealer etc because of charging for stock feeds that they are trying to gain business back with AT websites, I also said they are also seeing which dealer feeds to where , why would ANY Dealer want to give them that information? Their argument - we're helping dealers !)
  2. Hi Guys, I'm very new to the forum and have been using this great resource to help put a business plan together. I am planning on getting back into car sales - after an 18 year break! Yes I know, you may think I'm mad but, I've always enjoyed cars and think its time to get back into something that I love. Anyway, I am interested in every ones opinion as to car pricing - especially pricing in regards to location/area. Now, whilst doing my research I have noticed that many car prices do vary quite a bit depending on the location that they are being advertised. For example, I can do a vehicle search and see that if I limit my search radius to say 100 miles, a selection of vehicles can be priced at £6000. However, if I were to say increase the distance to 150 - 200 miles, I can see that similar spec/age vehicles can be up to £1000 less. That is quite a difference. So my question to you guys is, do you take note of what is available within a certain distance of your location when pricing your cars? Or, as the internet is available to almost anyone and many potential customers have access to see prices from the whole country, do you tend to try and price your vehicles in relation to what's available on a wider scale? Interested in your thoughts. Ben
  3. 'Under selling' How many of you are underselling your stock ? Strange question you may think? I've come across this again a few minutes ago with a customer I've been trying to source a car for, this time it's an Audi dealer selling a Q5 , BIG group , and bizarre how they must price their cars, I guess it's down to individual sites etc, however a quick look on their own website and prices all over the place. This particular car , Just arrived in to stock ( unit stocking suggests 07-09-15) No pictures on the website as yet , website says 40,000 miles - Actual Mileage 46,000m - Full spec not shown but has few more than what's mentioned ... advertised at £22000 - Customer told can have it for £20850 !! Big discount for a new car into stock for whatever reason ! now the numbers GG £19850 Retail £22650 ATM £19626 Retail £23550 CAP £18500 Retail £21900 One owner , full dealer history car , will come with full 12 Months Audi warranty , Now is it me or are they under selling the car ? Good colour Daytona grey / Black leather ! IS this why everyone is trying to compete with these deals ? or saying its quiet when you have a car similar but marked up at I believe higher price ? Has the dealer undervalued his own brand or do they know something we don't ? Any thoughts ?
  4. Seems most car buyers make the same mistake ! price. Always looking at the cheapest - and as we have know it's not all about being the cheapest , but 'value' Here's an example customer walked in earlier and came out with this comment "gosh , your car looks expensive" I asked what was that comment based on ? simply that it was a "60 plate car" wow what a comment not knowing ANYTHING at all about the car simply the 'registration plate'. I said to him very politely , have a cup of tea and let me explain why YOU may think it's expensive, at 1st he wouldn't even consider listening to me, simply it looked expensive ! Determined and wanting to get his attention and not being argumentative I simply " you don't have a clue " Any way long story short , I explained and showed him the cost of all the factory fitted extras , just under £3000 , plus the FSH, Plus the outstanding condition , and that NO GUIDE Made any price adjustments for the extras ! I also went on to explain I'm a dealer - and not just working from home selling from the side of the road so you KNOW who you are dealing with giving him peace of mind and all the other benefits that go with buying from ME. Although I didn't sell him a car [ he wasn't in the market] he did express that he now understood a lot more about buying cars and apologised for his 'uneducated comment' . We all think we're an expert but without knowing the full facts how can anyone make comments on products without doing the homework. And I say to sellers of anything if you want to be the cheapest you're not giving your customers the best service or product.