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Found 3 results

  1. Read an interesting article about a BMW which was refused warranty work as the vehicle had not been serviced using genuine BMW Parts
  2. Manufacturers -Logos, Names ! Just seen a story on AM About a Jaguar specialist who is being perused by Jaguar for using ‘JAGUAR’ IN HIS TRADING NAME ! I can fully understand manufacturers wanting to protect their’ brand’ and ensure that standards are not compromised to customers , and non ‘franchised’ dealers don’t pose as ‘franchised dealers’ so customers don’t get mislead! I see so many images of ‘used car dealers’ with ‘manufacturer’s logos’ all over their business ‘s . Many years ago I was asked to remove a couple of ‘logos’ off my website and Yellow pages advert. I immediately removed the logos off the website , BUT refused to remove the ‘images’ of ‘logos’ off yellow pages , I explained that these were not ‘misuse’ of logos put images of ‘cars/car grills’ that I either own or have owned and will not be removing then off any advertising or marketing material. Lovely letter back from the manufacturer thanking for the removal and stating that I was right and no further communication was necessary! { i was purely picked on because the ‘local’ dealer was performing poorly and implied I was taking the business away !- nice compliment that I’m a one man band and they ‘were’ the main dealer with a multimillion pound latest showroom ‘} Would love to hear views from BOTH sides! I’m ready to get shot down!
  3. ‘Specification Check’ As we all know it’s the spec that sells the cars, or makes it desirable to buy or not to buy ! More and more dealers particularly on ATM wanting a bid on car they’re trying to deal/or have keep saying “spec check†etc As we all know it’s not always that easy (well I don’t think so it just me!) and sometimes the spec check isn’t correct i.e. I have a E250 CDI Avantgarde According to ‘Mercedes’ main dealer it doesn’t have Sat Nav or parking sensors – my car does ! I guess it puts the onus onto the person bidding as it’s a get out clause , but like in the example above the options make it more desirable to buy IF the buyer knew the options, but if it was spec checked most would either walk away from it or bid low ,and the dealer not being able to deal the customer ! no one wins! I get a friendly friend to spec check any Audi – VW ‘s that I’m looking at , BMW & MINI Pay the premium per minute calls but where do I go for rest of the franchise’s ? What do others do? Are there hotline numbers for all franchises that you’d like to share?