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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, Before I start I would just like you to know I am ready for a absolute grilling, I know what your thinking here comes another person wanting to do car brokering and thinks it will just take off and make money instantly. Got a small redundancy payout and want to do my own thing, Ive came to this page for some advice or a contact or anything really? I am really interested in looking to start my own car brokering business and have spent hours looking into how it works online etc but seem to not really find the info I'm looking for. What I am looking for is information or a crash course in brokering one might call it, I want to start my own business however I need to know all the information first before I even begin to take something like this on, it might not even be for me. I seem to understand you have to have your own business be regulated by the FCA and BVRLA before you have any legal credibility. Im looking for information about the whole cycle from; advertising/getting a enquiry all the way down to the car being in the owners hands and you taking commission? once I've got all this information I want to figure out a Unique selling point what I can offer if there is one Please any help would be appreciated, and yes I can take criticism on the chin. Thanks Matt
  2. Pre-Reg – Surplus Stock – Special Offers May be this could open up a can of worms or help ALL dealers out there. I get asked many times to source specific cars or even sometimes not a specific car but a general type/price range of cars ( I’m sure lots of others do too) I use ATM to try and source / request cars – requests normally fall on deaf ears (still don’t know why?) I get lists from various companies of their stock and try to sometimes sell from that or even buy for stock. I hear of lots of ‘pre-reg’ cars with great savings, or new cars with ‘support’ but whenever I want or try and find any of these , no one ever comes forward with them , but the retail customer always knows who’s offering what/where & how to get it. I’d be interested to see what others think about cars /deals being shared /offered with this forum with obviously secure login so that only us dealers can help each other. Its simple I might have a customer in stoke for that ‘pre-reg’ sitting in Aberdeen which needs to be moved rather than collecting dust/ costing money ! Any thoughts ?