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Found 5 results

  1. Who takes their 2 week old car for a safety check? Complete scam and I hope he feels the might of the worlds largest companies come tumbling down on him.
  2. Hello, I'm new here. If there is anyone interested in trade cars and want to set up a buy-sell relationship please let me know. I'm based in the Roi Ireland. Please message me if you are interested and I will fill you in on the details. Thank you.
  3. Easy way to know all cars models specifications .. Just download a simple app on google play store called World Motors Download it on your mobile and enjoy , hope it helps u and it's link on play store is
  4. 'Under selling' How many of you are underselling your stock ? Strange question you may think? I've come across this again a few minutes ago with a customer I've been trying to source a car for, this time it's an Audi dealer selling a Q5 , BIG group , and bizarre how they must price their cars, I guess it's down to individual sites etc, however a quick look on their own website and prices all over the place. This particular car , Just arrived in to stock ( unit stocking suggests 07-09-15) No pictures on the website as yet , website says 40,000 miles - Actual Mileage 46,000m - Full spec not shown but has few more than what's mentioned ... advertised at £22000 - Customer told can have it for £20850 !! Big discount for a new car into stock for whatever reason ! now the numbers GG £19850 Retail £22650 ATM £19626 Retail £23550 CAP £18500 Retail £21900 One owner , full dealer history car , will come with full 12 Months Audi warranty , Now is it me or are they under selling the car ? Good colour Daytona grey / Black leather ! IS this why everyone is trying to compete with these deals ? or saying its quiet when you have a car similar but marked up at I believe higher price ? Has the dealer undervalued his own brand or do they know something we don't ? Any thoughts ?
  5. So another survey to see how bad the motor trade is - Do you think its justified ? Are customers get a bad deal ? Are sales staff getting poor at selling ? Various reasons may be ! We're told customers have done all their research and are just coming in to buy - so the sales staff JUST want to sell, why bother with test drives! 'order takers' appears many franchised dealers no longer want the 'professional ' sales person but simply someone who can quote monthly payments and shoot between sales managers office and customer ' A Puppet' ( From what I'm told by Many customers!) "Why bother with test drives the customer won't buy from us only shop around so I'll let 'another' dealer do the work and I'll just give him the best price" is what I've heard before ! Are the managers putting pressure on to 'sell' cars - Numbers as opposed to ' satisfying customer needs' 1st ? Are sales staff simply lazy? Back to basics I think ! any thoughts?