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  1. Poor choice of car. Punters will choose to go to Audi and get the finance, PX and experience. Plus their biggest concern is come back, warranty and peace of mind. None of which you can offer. As above, either go very specialist or cheap cars. I think you'll take a bath on this one but we all have in the past and that's how you learn. the 2018-19 cars are a risky market as all the manufacturers are knocking them out cheap or customers are simply leasing a brand new one for £280 pm !
  2. I have just called Garry and asked him. He advised that we are compatible with the version of Sage we use.
  3. +1 for Auto Sales. Their support is fantastic.
  4. I smell a pain the arse coming. Anyone using language and terms like that needs a reality check.
  5. I had one last week, guy owned the car 4 days and decided he didn't like it. I bought it back for £2k less. Not always bad
  6. We had a really quiet August and September but October looks to be our best month ever! Everyone has come out of the woodwork and last week the phone was going mad.
  7. We're quite active on FB and Instagram. To get the most from it you need to be paying to advertise otherwise facebook won't show your target audience your posts.
  8. Fixedgear


    I got my annual stock of pens, which is always a plus
  9. There is always risk. I guess fortune favours the brave and so far any issues we have encountered we have ironed out. A lot of our customers become friends strangely enough, it's not like we go to battle with each other like you would over a banger. In my experience, the higher value the car, the easier someone is to deal with.
  10. A lot of companies are doing it for this figure. With manufacturer warranty and zero outlay, £1200 is ok. We have a car at the moment, promised the customer a return of £41 and aiming to sell for 45. That's the new strategy we're now moving to.
  11. Fixedgear


    Only just discovered this thread, we attended for the second year and we really enjoy it. There was a great little workshop by Lawgistics which only around 10 people attended.
  12. We do a lot of SOR. Normally speaking we charge £1500 inc vat based on the car selling in 30 days. I have however now moved to a "we can achieve this figure for you" approach. Netting us more margin and taking the pressure off a little. For the purposes of the thread, these are £40-£120k cars
  13. Hi all I've been using the easy bookkeeping spreadsheet for about 6 months but I am contemplating Quickbooks or Sage to really get on top of things. Does anyone use Quickbooks or Sage?