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  1. Only major platform I haven't tried. How are people finding it? Though I might give it a go as sales are slow for me at the moment. Only advertise on Autotrader, expensive but gets job done. But even that is slow at moment. Tried Facebook previous but just a waste of time. We found Ebay/gumtree actually cost more than Autotrader for £ per sale. Anywhere else worthwhile ?
  2. Very slow summer, picked up first 2 weeks september now died off again
  3. Sold a car, don't have v5. Come to tax on v62 for customer, it wont let us. Any way around this? Car is currently untaxed, post office says error code 6006. I have heard you can tax with DVLA over phone is this correct?
  4. I have used G3 before always seemed ok. Anyway if I had a customer who took me to court I would never do business with them again. Simple as that. I assume G3 are taking the above attitude too. Even if you are right and would win in court, it may cost you more in the long run if you are losing a good source of stock.
  5. Thanks for reply's, will give them a try
  6. Any tips for making interiors, especially cloth seats look good in photos. I find on photos they look 10 times worse than they do in real world.
  7. Assume its an EX Auto at that price, but yeah they do strong money. We got £13k for a 9 year old one recently, he actually PX a 07 one in. As for ancient out of date engineering, give me one these over some newer german garbage or some tiny turbo'd engine ready to go bang. They run forever and theres a lot of older end who cant be doing with all tech. Another one that do daft money are the old yaris automatics the 2001 - 2005 ones.
  8. Same here been slow since Easter holidays (selling 8 to 12 year old cars) Sun out, can go places again, recession if you believe what you read in papers, a lot of people already changed car recently. We sell old cheap cars (thats what I tell punters when there moaning about a little scratch anyway),but they aren't cheap anymore, we got 20 cars advertised only got 1 for less than £6000
  9. Why does it change after 3 months? As far as I am aware there is no mention of 3 months in the CRA 2015 The only mention 30 days, 6 months and 6 years. I have heard from numerous people over years "a car dealer has to give 3 month warranty". However I am not aware of any legislation that even mentions 3 months.
  10. Got a 2011 Merc c class in stock (usually avoid german stuff). Whats best way to check service history and the spec/options of the car?
  11. No idea, just repeating what I was told buy a HGV driver.
  12. Funny you should say that, I sold a car to a HGV driver yesterday and he says there's no shortage of drivers.
  13. Occasionally get a car with no V5, all of a sudden got 3 in at once. I feel I should know exactly when you can/when you cant tax them. But I get a different answer everyone I speak to. 1) Can we tax at Post Office on V62 ? If so in what scenario 2) Heard you can ring DVLA and "emergency tax it" ? or sure I have read on here there is a guy who can do it ? One car is a private sale that is showing as taxed but they lost V5 One is a freshly repaired cat N write off showing as taxed One is a PX from motorpoint showing untaxed
  14. Sold a 2014 Mini 2.0d, customer had it a week and DPF warning message has come on but not the warning light. Car drives fine. Any recommendations for who to look at it in Manchester area?
  15. Quiet here stocking 8 to 12 years old, mainly low mileage petrols. April best month ever, May decent month, June we only sold half what we would have hoped to up to now. Saying that first half of April was quiet then we sold loads in second half. Strange times
  16. If you are not retailing it why are you testing a 17 year old car that has already got 8 month test? Its over 3 months since test so no point reporting. Also mots are very opinionated, last year we got a 12 year old car that had been tested 4 months ago at main dealer with 8 advisories. Took it for a fresh test, passed with no advisories.
  17. Thanks for response. You mean as in taking out the orange safety key (thats the plan we have, although not by a ev tech)
  18. I am getting conflicting advice what to do for body work on a hybrid car as regarding the battery pack. What procedures should be taken before jet spotting a hybrid car (or what about welding on one)?
  19. I always watch out for run of mill cars sneaking into £565 tax band that you wouldn't expect. Obvious one is the Chevrolet Tacuma 2.0 Petrol Automatic. Came across another this week that I wasn't expecting. I got offered a Peugeot 407 SW, Diesel top spec Auto. Thought that should sell well. Turns out its a 2.7 diesel and emits 226 g/km so just sneaks into £565 a year tax band. So I declined. Whos going to pay £565 a year for a diesel estate I thought. (I know I could wait for a disabled tax qualifier, but decided against it) Any other ordinary cars you have come across that sneaks into £565 band? If you bought one how did you do with it?
  20. Sounds like you have just have road risks policy. Contact your insurance broker.
  21. Its on a 12 month rolling basis. Either turnover 85k or less or turnover 150k+ If you turnover inbetween you could be worse off or at best working the extra for pennies.
  22. I have never owned a credit card. Will they give me a vat breakdown on my statement, so I can claim vat back on fuel?
  23. I use a fuel card so I can have 1 Vat receipt a week, rather than lots. Been using Allstar but they keep adding extra charges on without my permission and there a nightmare to deal with. Any recommendations for a new company to use? Needs to work at bp and morrisons
  24. Surprised at the negativity. Just an idea, I have never charged for fuel yet. I know car supermarkets near me charge for fuel and they sell probably more than us all put together. Putting myself in customers shoes I would rather get a car with half a tank of fuel and the dealer charge me for half a tank. Than have a car with a low amount and then have to go and fill up. May give it a try, not decided yet. I actually do that lol. We dont do discounts we use the autotrader price markers to our advantage (another contentious topic lol). Usual line is "we dont do discounts or gimmicks we just put a great/good price first time and I will give you the fuel in the tank for free"