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  1. Gates and then telescopic bollards behind the gates, gates are only as strong as the padlock. We learnt the hard way!
  2. We get 8.5% of the advance selling out at 10.9% APR Less for subprime / dropping the rate
  3. I'd look for a unit rather than a pitch, often the same price if no cheaper and you can make a decent showroom.
  4. Try Richard Vehicle Interiors or Auto Retrim in Colley Gate
  5. We used to use Close but the commission isn't great now. Santander are by the far the best for commission and MotoNovo are pretty good too providing your giving them enough business.
  6. Curious to see what other people are selling out at and what sort of cars they stock... We sell out at 10.9% and rarely move from that
  7. AF Smart Repairs in Cosely, say Luke from Blakedown recommended you .
  8. Fair enough, yeah I spotted Himley Hall in the background, ive taken a few photos there before!
  9. Totally irrelevant to the post, have just been on your website as I noticed you were local to us, just wondered why you had the wheels turned in that direction in the photos? We tend to do the opposite to show off the alloys... Website looks good
  10. Love the Mustang, I have been after one for a while. Just noticed on your page that you advertise on Car Gurus, how do you find it? You have the same sort of cars we do so would be interesting to know...?
  11. We are now only taking deposits by card and the balance as bank transfer. Can't justify taking that much of a hit.
  12. 6 sales, 4 deposits so far for us in Jan. Started off well.
  13. Agree with most of the above. - Photos should all be at the same angle with the same back drop, make sure you can see both the front end and one side of the car - A lot of the text on the website doesn't make much sense and has some punctuation mistakes. Im not sure what all the *** are for around test drive an indoor showroom, looks a bit odd. The about us text needs some attention in my opinion. I would print off each page of your website and get a couple of people to read through it all and check it thoroughly - The website looks like its a template one, Click Dealer or something? Fine for run of the mill cars but with some of the cars you are selling I don't think it gives off the right impression. Good luck, hope it picks up for you. About us We have established this business over 2 years ago, as we believed that car buying experience should be easy and hassle free. We have recently moved into our brand new indoor showroom in Nottingham so the weather wont be a problem anymore. As a car dealership we offer a little more extra for our customers and we go an extra mile for everyone. Over the years we have established great relationships with finance and warranty companies. All our vehicles are hand picked and checked so the variety of cars would suit anyone whether it is family car, day to day car or a prestige car. We continue to strive for high customer service and making sure that all of our cars are fully serviced, mechanically check and ready for the road the same day. We have recently moved into our brand new indoor showroom in Nottingham so the weather wont be a problem anymore
  14. Its about 200 sq m in total. Took 3 people 4 days to complete. Two days of diamond grinding, sanding, digging out and filling. Then two coats of epoxy resin coating. Cost us £2500 in total including an oil tolerant primer as our concrete was full of oil from being a workshop previously.
  15. Just had our floor done by Resin Floors Telford. Great job and reasonable prices, would reccomend to anyone after a decent showroom floor.
  16. These guys are doing ours in the next couple of weeks, diamond grinding, oil sealent down and two coats of epoxy resin. Have seen their work in a friends place so decided to go with them. Will let you know the results. https://www.facebook.com/resinfloorstelford/ Heres an example of their work...
  17. For £75 I personally would goodwill it or offer to pay half. It's not a big hit but would keep the customer happy and they may come back in the future?
  18. https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/clarke-jumpstart-1224/?da=1&TC=GS-010311224&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9vrs2-in1wIVqL3tCh13rw1kEAQYBSABEgL60fD_BwE We've got this one, has started everything we've wanted it to. Would reccomend.
  19. We've been through a number of companies, Auto Protect, WarrantyWise etc, Now with WMS and would probably recomend them (best of bad bunch) It all comes down the who your account manager, probably a good idea to meet a few of account managers from different companies, in my view your account manager is more important than the warranty company you are with.