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  1. I started off thinking they would miss the revenue from the cafe's the private buyers who get run up and pay eye watering fees, however on there flip side the trade seem to be paying way into and more often than not over cap clean so i guess with half your staff off its a very close numbers game and there clear lack of urgency to reopen it just could be the final nail in the coffin.
  2. This was always going to be a losing battle, one i come across almost every day new drivers are learning to drive in brand spanking new cars often with electronic accelerator peddles then they jump in a ford ka or c1 and straight away it doesnt feel as good. Sometimes you have to be blunt and just point that out sometimes they go fair play makes sense or look at you like you have three heads and leave. I agree with everyone above refund and move on.
  3. Depends on who you sell the car to if it is a key worker the dvla will fast track the log book application and it comes through as normal....the odd bit is they do not ask for any proof the person buying the car is a key worker. make of that what you wish, typical dvla madness.
  4. Totally agree, its here to stay thats for sure.
  5. Highline is very lucky I was 100% told the rules are the rules. Movex are useless almost zero quotes I suspect it’s due to the drivers having to pre-book slots so I haven’t been able to buy from bca since March. do they care.........
  6. Up to four years I would submit a form 652 no need to ring anyone then if the number is large enough they will soon ring you.
  7. bloody phone, worst possible advise ever it should have said.
  8. I still think it’s worth a trail audit or the very least ask your accountant at year end to check for such errors. i know a construction company for almost over a decade they didn’t claim back vat on labour invoices as they treated them in there system as all cis code when it was spotted he claimed back over £20k with hmrc blessing.
  9. I am now of the same thinking as well i used to think they would lose out due the cash buyers not paying over the odds but its ok the dealers are doing the same job for them, no staff drivers, booked collections so again hardly any staff required, far less chance of traders seeing defects in the hall and bidding accordingly. All in all a big win.
  10. bca and fair hmmm thats me puzzled.
  11. Maybe ask your accountant to do a trial vat quarter exercise, where he compiled your records and compairs the vat schedule if you have been over paying you are allowed to make adjustments on your next return to compensate. be warned this may well trigger a vat return if your books are in good order this shouldn’t cause a problem we all make mistakes awaits tv to suggest that is the worst Epps doble advise ever.
  12. My old fella used to make me do all my own repairs services brakes ect under his watchfull eye of course. Good old times.
  13. Don’t think I will be stealing the reps suggestion to tell the customer your better of with finance over a bank loan in case something goes wrong then the finance company can help where as if you take a bank loan your own your own !
  14. You could try for yourself nothing better than selling a car costing only £20 for a local boost, with the app on your phone it takes nano seconds to ignore or engage with a customer.
  15. its a very marmite subject, as in most advertising it needs a lot of trial and error tweaking to see any rewards, opening an account sticking a car on and hoping for the best will get you no where. Have a look close to you see who is popping up daily check there comments pictures ect see how other people are doing it.
  16. As i read it your claim would be against BCA as its them who sold you a car there defense would be they didnt know it had a fault by your own admission "Through a variety of means we discovered that the vehicle had been bought by a trader through BCA and sold to a customer in March. The trader then put the car back into auction without declaring that there was a significant engine fault." Also if you where to bring a case would your "through a variety of means" stand up in court with all the GDPR rules being swung around the place. Morally you clearly have the high ground sadly i cant see it going anywhere.
  17. We used to do a roaring trade on imports, a local trader used to buy blocks of 25 mx5 at a time, which we used to have to fit a fog light change some bulbs change the speedo from km to miles and fit band expanders so the radio would work in the uk, the speakers where 9 times out of ten shot so we would get a speaker sale at the same time. Something to do with a suv test ? dont quote me on that but was along those lines.
  18. I am surprised its hardly heard of down my neck of the woods small pitches with facilities are like gold dust and demand a big premium loads of door stoppers waiting for small to medium pitches but they hardly ever come up.
  19. I have to say i do think thats a thing of the past, these days its so easy to credit check background check anyone sniffing out a trouble maker is a lot easier than it used to be. However i do agree back in the day small indi garages used to jump ship overnight it was hard work keeping up with who was there one minute and gone the next, i remember billing a garage for 3 cd players we fitted when i came to chase the invoice i was advised the company i had billed had moved a month ago the sales staff stayed but owners changed.
  20. You cant fix stupid comes to mind, i got told off yesterday for not wearing a mask and how her husband has had lung cancer so he has to wear one everywhere, i was soooo tempted but didnt ask why she wasnt wearing one ? they both got in there cars he took his mask off feeling very safe for the protection it afforded him and drove off with his wife feet away from him who hasnt wore one once.
  21. All as clear as mud then you have the different rules for devolved parliaments which makes it even more confusing.
  22. This is what MTD is aiming for to avoid physical audits. have you got a link to this info ?
  23. There lies the problem there not bank errors the bank followed the relaxed lending criteria from the government during the second wave of hand outs, and if you consider a business not paying back a loan at 2.5% there not going to be bothered if the bank ups it to a default rate of what ever the defaulted rate may be if they do not have the good conscience or business sense to pay a cheap loan back doubling the interest is hardly going to incentivise them to do so. The banks are also not going to be that bothered about chasing for the money they will of course send out the normal run of the mill letters and maybe the odd court order but after that where is the sense in them spending additional thousands when they can easily turn to the government for the loan to be settled in full without any additional costs to them.
  24. I heard some comments floating around that the banks expect 40 % plus of borrowers will not be able to pay the loan back, also a shocking figure of 35% of bbl loans paid out under later inspection where to dormant companies with zero activity on there account.
  25. I have three different businesses one benefited from a cash injection the other two didnt need anything pointless borrowing for the sake of borrowing.