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  1. Phil


    7 day money back guarantee? But with the Sales Of Goods Act, buying from a car dealer it should be a 30 day m/b guarantee anyway. Especially if buying it unseen. 3 month warranty - should be 6 month and fit for purpose, surely?
  2. I've just restored a 1978 Mercedes 350SL, 103K miles, 6 owners. New paint, windscreen, interior refurb, service, new MOT with no advisories in August. Guide price is £25K. Need it gone as lack of storage over winter. Looking for around £17K trade. Details on my website
  3. I had one with rust in that area a couple of years ago. You can get strong repair plates that you can weld around the chassic, about 1/4" thick steel and 18" long. Think they were around £100 on ebay.
  4. Anyone got any recommendations for rechroming some bumpers on a classic car? Lookng for a decent job, at a very good price! Thanks
  5. Here's a nice one I've just seen on ebay
  6. I taxed a stock vehicle for a week with monthly debits in July. I notified the DVLA using their online service to tell them I'd then sold the car (July 31st). Seems they didn't get this because they debited me the next month (Aug). I thought, well, their literature says it can take 6-8 weeks to process a V5 so I left it. Got charged again the next month (Sept), so I wrote to them and found out they knew nothing of me ever having the vehicle (mid Oct). So they told me to fill in a V62 to put me down as an owner so I could get a refund of the tax debits. Got billed again in Nov even though they know I no longer had the car. They wrote back saying "there is no legal provision to backdate a refund payment.... The issue of refunds of vehicle tax is governed by the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994 and the Road Vehciles Regulations 2002. Section 19 of the Act provides for the specific calculation equal to one-twelfth of the annual rate of duty, which is unexpired when refund condition is satisfied. The refund condition is satisfied when the notification is received by the DVLA." So how can they say, wait for 8 weeks for us to process your V5... while we take out your monthly payments... and then refuse to refund you! I think I can get round their incompetence by using the direct debit guarantee and claiming it back that way.
  7. Does anyone have the wording for a Sales Receipt that states something along the lines of... if a customer uses their Right to Reject, they must return the car to the seller's premises? I have someone who is buying a car unseen and is shipping it abroad, and I don't want to be responsible for return costs should they reject it. Thanks
  8. Something is wrong with Parkers iphone app. Keeps saying "Error - there was an error getting vehicle manufacturers. Please check your intermet connection." Same on my iphone and ipad. Anyone know why? Their contact page link isn't working either. Anyone recommend another app?
  9. I sold an Audi TT at the weekend. I had driven it around 300 miles with no problems. Used it a couple of days before the sale taking it for an MOT and then retest. Car flew through and ran perfect. Buyer took it for a test drive, perfect. 2 days later, he came to collect the car, then drove off on a 60 mile trip home. The car had 1/3 of a tank of petrol in it when he left. He drove a few miles to the local petrol station to put more fuel in. 20 miles later, he calls to say the car is badly misfiring and engine management light on - he suggests a coil pack or possible damp in leads and says he will continue further to see if it clears. It doesn't but he manages to misfire home, engine light now flashing. He doesn't want to wait 2 days to contact my warranty company about fixing the fault so says he will take it to his local garage to take a look and see what's up and let me know. I tell him I can get coil packs for £13.99 each. Next thing I know is he's taken it to his Audi specialist and given the go ahead to fit a new coil pack, but once they've started they find 3 coil packs a at fault Firstly: Is it possible for 3 out of 4 coil packs to suddenly go like that? I'm suspicious he put diesel in by mistake or ragged the car? Would that cause the issue? He's got them putting a full set of coil packs in. I don't know yet his final bill but assume it might be a couple of hundred from a specialist? I tell him I will pay £42 which is what I could have got a full set of coils for. He's not happy and says my car should have been "fit for purpose" and that he should not be liable of the "cost to get it to the condition in which it should have been at the point of collection" I'm going to get something drawn up on faulty cars being brought back to be fixed in house as this has happened a few times now with people buying cars from a distance away and taking them for expensive repairs without my approval. But anyway, do coils just go like this? Do you think my offer of £42 is reasonable? Cheers Guys Has anyone got invoice wording with Terms & Con's, perhaps with a 'returning car if faulty' clause?
  10. I offered the customer a refund and he brought the car back to me. He really liked the car and said he would buy it back if I manage to get it fixed so that worked out quite well.
  11. I sold a Daihatsu Copen to a guy who lives 145 miles away from me. He met me at my local train station. He test drove the car, tested the electric roof, all working great. He drives it home "it's absolutely perfect drives great best one I've seen". 2 weeks later, he says the roof/boot not working. He took it to a local garage who couldn't read the codes so he took it to a Daihatsu dealer who expect water ingress in the ECU. Quoted almost £1000 to fix! I'm sure my mechanic could get it working for much less. Firstly, I am responsible for fixing it? It worked at the time of sale and there has been so much rain lately... how am I to know the car hasn't been parked in the driving rain or even in flooding!? I sold the car with a 6 month warranty but it will not cover an ECU or many electric problems so we can't claim on it. Is it the customer's responsibility to drive/transport the car back to me? Or is it mine as a car dealer? Cheers