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  1. Yeah I had the email too... They're obviously tightening up the loop holes trying to maintain their share of the sales etc... Doesn't really apply in the classifieds with it being fixed fee, but I notice they have also covered watermarks too, i.e. you're no longer allowed to watermark a photo, or have and dealer info in the photos either!
  2. Yes I got one last week as well with the wrong dealer name on it! My first thoughts was is this a legitimate letter or a scam? I googled the dealership and it was a legitimate one, just obviously not mine! It's also a bit of a pointless letter really...very odd.
  3. Dean we can't post outbound links, but google 'total car check' and then give them a call. You can buy in bundles of 50 or 100 and pay upfront and then simply log in and away you go. The history check is comprehensive, but I find the valuations to be as bad as everyone else's even though they allegedly use the same data sets? However that's only ever a pain when buying privately or for PX value...
  4. Oooh Busso power! Was it the 2.5 or 3.0l? Quite possibly the best engine Alfa have ever built!
  5. I got a Facebook message this morning when I logged in... Them: ''I'm interested in this item. Please can you give discount?'' left at 00.39 this morning. My reply: '' I'm sure we could work something out. When would you like to view the car?'' Them: I'm in Liverpool L32 0XB My reply: ''Is that some sort of 'princess' way of asking me to bring the car to you?'' Funnily enough the conversation ended...
  6. There's a few of these waterless car cleaning sprays on the market, most of which originated from American shopping channels. They're really bad for the paint because you're basically rubbing dirty paint with a cloth! CJ's method is the way to go as they are dead easy to prep again as everything just runs straight off when you show it some water...
  7. Ha I was just having the exact same rant as I cleaned all my stock on Tuesday and yesterday we like two minutes of rain filled sand which completely ruined all my hard work!
  8. Mikey


    Now that makes more sense.... After all mushrooms like to be fed Shit(tron) and kept in the dark!
  9. Mikey


    Quite possibly growing under some of my stock!
  10. You leave my 'vein' out of this! Maserati Gran Turismo's and Alfa Giulia Quodrifoglio's are the new steeds in this neck of the woods...
  11. Will someone pass me the gun... I think I need to put myself out of misery! I might even buy one of my own cars just to make a sale!!
  12. Is that a 'Pat Sharp' mullet as well? Was the live-in 'caravan' around the corner with the rest of the family in it?
  13. Mikey


    I saw the thread and stayed away for those very reasons... There's enough 'sheet' going on in the world as it is, so let's keep this place our little escape from the nutters where we can share, help, support and take the pee (in the best possible taste of course ) out of each other.
  14. Oi! Some of us have taste you know!
  15. Type the mobile number into Facebook and see if it brings up a profile! Likewise in Google...You might be pleasantly surprised!