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  1. Ah excellent. Was under my nose the whole time - appreciate it, thanks.
  2. Afternoon chaps, i've been tasked to source a Euro 6 Skoda Octavia for a customer, is there an obvious way to tell if the car is a euro 6 like some information on the V5 or is it after a specific date? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Yeah doubt they'll do anything to be honest, and i was suspicious when i was bidding on the car, 3 bids from 2 hall bidders and in comes me with the 4th bid and i won it. It has a margin across the car if i was to get the bits done but a very tight margin to be honest.
  4. I just spoke to BCA about selling a car through one of their centres and what they basically said was, if there is a fault you have to declare it, and this applies to everyone. I doubt i will get very far too be totally honest but worth a punt!
  5. It is a Civic Type R, I had one recently do the same thing and it was the pressure plate and a new clutch from Honda fixed it. Ha ha, i don't know why i keep going back there, it's abit like playing russian roulette but only one chamber is empty with BCA. The car was from Scotland and i'm 300 miles away and there is no way i'm travelling up there for one car so online makes sense, that being said, it's just common courtesy to people like us who are long distance buyers buying the car blindly. If there is something obviously wrong with the car then it should/has to be declared right?
  6. Hi all, just had a car delivered which I bought from BCA, I got in the car to move it and it's very hard to go into gear and the biting point is right at the bottom - indicating it needs a new clutch. Now, this was sold on a 'sold as seen' basis but given the nature of the fault, anyone could have picked up on it before it went into the sale, it does take some effort to get it into gear and makes a horrible noise when putting the car into reverse. I've just spoken to the centre where the car was bought from and they told me to ring the live online team, upon ringing them the first person i spoke to said they can not do anything so I asked to speak to a manager who was in a meeting so waiting for a call back. From your experience, where do I stand, i know it was on a sold as seen basis but it is pretty obvious there is a fault and they did not declare it. Thanks
  7. Well that's a good thing for us surely, DVLA seem to be giving out trade plates to any joe bloggs at the moment which give us hard time as we're then painted with the same brush. Would like to see them do more to banish the kerb side traders - DVLA really need to vet the applicants of trade plates.
  8. Sorry for the late reply all, i need to order a set in - don't want to take any chances!
  9. A few days ago i got pulled over by Mr.Plod, the car did not come back up as insured and taxed. I had the trade plate on the dash which lets be honest, it's makes life easier and my mistake was i left the other trade plate at home so only displayed one. They let me off with a slap on the wrist and told me the trade plates need to cover the existing reg. I can find some topics regarding this but is this actually set in stone? If so, which brackets would you recommend to go over the existing plate because the last thing i want is it flying off on the motorway!
  10. Yes it's the other post that made me post this up so we can have a single thread where other dealers can give examples of what their procedure is and will give other people to have something to go by. I read somewhere something reasonable is £250 per month and 80p per mile.
  11. Hi all, not had this happen yet but want to be prepared, if a customer wants to return a car, as dealers we have a right (can anyone point me to where it says this) to offer a full refund minus reasonable deduction, now the amount if not set in stone and i'm sure it varies on dealers, i just want other dealers opinion of what they consider a reasonable deduction. Thanks
  12. Which vehicle information site are you reffering to?
  13. Last two cars that I sold were missing the MOT certificates - though they did have MOT and showed the customer online and via mobile app and they were happy.
  14. To be honest, i've never contacted them regarding the issues because I thought it was 'sold as seen', but as it happens more often, I think to myself not everyone must accept their cars like this, so i thought i'd reach out here and see if anyone has been in my position and basically said no we don't want this car or we want some money off to cover the costs. Saying that, i just bought a car online, in the description there was no mention of nav, but in the condition report (which i've downloaded) it states "NAVIGATION MEDIA", I went to collect the car, low and behold - no nav. It was hard to tell in the pictures because where the nav normally is for these cars, it's in a fold down cover like the merc c classes. I'm going to ring them tomorrow and see what they say.
  15. Evening folks, Like everyone here, i've been stung by BCA a number of times, i'd say 8 cars purchased from BCA this year, they've had major faults (2 engine rebuilds). Reason for this topic is to see what can be done after the sale if it is on a 'sold as seen' basis.To help, i'm going to give two examples of cars bought from BCA this year. 1 - Grade 3 car, over 10 years old so no condition report, i'm bidding online and the auctioneer states what a mint car etc, stupidly, i took his word for it, won the car and went to collect, there were 10+ dings on each rear quarter (not exaggerating), and the front end had been resprayed by a 10 year old. Clearly not grade 3 and not 'mint' as auctioneer stated. 2 - In the pictures, no lights were on the dash, when the car came through the auction (online bidding again, no mechanical report), I asked the auctioneer if there were any lights on the dash, they replied and said there were none, fair enough so I won the car, went to collect the next day, and strangely, they bring the car out to me and the chap just walks off, i get in the car and to my surprise the dash is lit up like a christmas tree, and the kick in the teeth was, all lights were not linked to one fault. From a legal point, given the two scenarios, where do I stand with giving the car back or getting some money back because clearly they've misdescribed the car. Love to hear your thoughts guys. Thanks