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  1. It's not my full time job... yet...
  2. I don't know if I understood the question correctly, but there is something called CarVue and it was mentioned once in CarDealerPodcast.
  3. I'm a tiny "home trader" from Swindon. PS. Before anyone acuse me of anything I want to explain that I do pay VAT and give warranties and always sell car with full tank of fuel...
  4. Ok, thanks for your reply, I was thinking of taking a risk but if no one has nothing good to say about them I'll not use them...
  5. Hi, Just wanted to ask if any one have used this service from bca? Any good? Or waste of money? Vehicle Preparation Regards, Jacob.
  6. There is or was Waheed from Reading WHB Motors or something like that. My sister paid him £500 deposit for a car that supposed to be ok and was written off 3 times and had 6 previous owners. She manage to get £250 back... But there is a case with trading standards against him already as he conned loads of people...
  7. Kingswood Autos Bristol https://www.facebook.com/KingswoodAutos/
  8. I don't know if that's the right place to put this but there is also a case with 'established' dealers who are dodgy and ripping off people... There is a guy in Kingswood, Bristol who is known to police and still does the 'business'. To the point... My friend found a car on AT and called the guy to arrange a viewing. He paid £200 'holding' deposit over the phone as there was someone coming to buy the car. Next day they went to see the car... (...)... It was 2004 Honda Accord diesel, advertised as excellent condition for £2k. It wasn't good at all and it had some body damage. The guy said that it's 11 years old and he shouldn't think it will be ideal (advertised as excellent...). When they rejected the car and demanded deposit back the guy replied angrily that they still owe him the remaining £1800... So they decided to leave before situation got violent and when threatened that dealer with police the dealer laughed and said they had police before and they can do nothing as they come and go... So my friend lost £200. I went on facebook to see if that dealer got website... Few horrible feedbacks along with few 5* from guys who work there (one of them works at Copart - maybe that's their source of cars?). One of thos bad feedbacks said: "Dodgy garage paid for a 2004 Honda Accord £1900 and he never delivered car or refund money he's wreck my kids Xmas" I think that's the same Accord my friend went to see... Can I name and shame? There is more people like this as my sister paid £500 deposit to get a car from guy in Reading and never got the car and money back (she managed to get half back). But I heard from the guy who paid £1k and lost his money... I just want to add that I do learn a lot from here and I may be a small home trader but I do want to make things right for the customers and my cars go with warranty and full tank of fuel (it annoys me the most when you buy a car and cannot be sure if you will get to nearest petrol station...) Regards Jacob.
  9. Yes classified on eBay - I don't know about the final fee as I usually paid £13.34 for an ad and when the car goes I just cancel it really. On FB i'm in few groups and I'm not the best at it...
  10. AT is crap... I'm part time and advertised few times on AT and no single call or email from there at all... ebay and facebook and it's much cheaper. AT want's £60 for an ad for 21 days with 20 pics and ebay £14...
  11. can I have this PDF as well please? info@rjmagpie.co.uk
  12. regarding trading from home and card payments, I'm using iZettle and that's pay as you go. you just need a smartphone and card reader which u buy from them they charge 2.75% or less. It may look dodgy to some customers though
  13. buying for £500 and selling for £850 is not always the case: bought 2001 diesel focus for £500 sold for £450 and had to spend £300 on it...