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  1. Audis here ... Having said that I still need to look into the last link you sent.
  2. We have just sold one similar, it went for 6k, it was m sport with 99k no leather or nav. It took 3 days to sell. We have just sold an i8, that took 7 days which I was really surprised about.
  3. Simple question how do you manage weekends, hours and time off etc.
  4. Why bother ? The amount of cars without a dpf must be low in the grand scheme of things. I'm glad I buy petrol, although no doubt this will give the consumer another reason to reject a car as not fit for purpose
  5. We are using carvue, it's not ideal and is web based and a little slow but I think that's our internet. It serves a purpose, it won't check mot's but you can put warranties and mot dates in and run reports based on expires. You can try the free version too. it does seem to favour a garage for booking work than sales.
  6. I thought the vat exemption only applied to a car that has been extensively modified for a disabled person and that it was down to the purchaser to ensure the vat eligibility. So I would have thought if car could be vat of exempt regardless of new or used then vat could be claimed. I did speak to hmrc once about vat and wheel chair converted vehicles but I don't think they knew themselves
  7. If the BMW/mini has a service pack then there is no need to transfer it, the pack goes with the car not the owner.
  8. Does the customer have a hearing loss ? We used to get through a number of clutches in pool cars because the drivers were deaf, they couldn't feel the clutch bite and slip the clutch too much turning it blue.
  9. If you want to do it online then you need to register the car to the new keeper, once the new v5 comes through you can then allocate the private plate to the car.
  10. I flew to Aberdeen yesterday to buy a 335i from a private sale and then drove the 480 miles back
  11. We take £500 as a holding deposit which will keep the car 7 days, it's refundable if it's not as described. It stops the messers, I'd take the deposit, at least that way you have a better chance of getting the sale rather than losing 3 customers.
  12. They eat coil packs and injectors, the last one we took in had just had 4 new injectors fitted by BMW under warranty, the one previous cost us 6 coil packs and a cam sensor. if it is as simple as a coil pack fit a genuine one, they are more expensive but they are better quality
  13. Yep go with your gut although mine usually says feed me.
  14. My little fleet is .... 08 Corsa 1.2 with a slave cylinder on its way out, it's lasted a year though 10plate Mini Cooper s clubman i kept a 06 A4 2.0tfsi multitronic for the wife to get to the station 53 plate Audi TT roadster the corsa might being going soon to free up some driveway space but we have an 08 plate fiesta ST with a little scrape (scratch if you ask the customer) which I'm tempted to keep.