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  1. All credit to those that repay it in my opinion, wonder though how many redundancies will happen after furlough ends in September, think that's where some of the larger boys will save money realising they don't need quite as many expensive staff in their gin palaces
  2. Clearly Cap's wrong, cant catch up fast enough to reflect live prices right now, its not the market that's wrong its IMHO I believe, we've just increased all of our stock by a few hundred and are still selling fast, don't want to be left with empty spaces, cars being sold within 4-5 days at moment when they normally take 2-3 weeks
  3. Took a deposit on a Fiesta ST-2 up for £9,250, was on the autotrader with a high price flag for about 6 hours, 8 calls, last one offering £250 more and saying they'll come down tonight from Preston to pick it up!!! I'm sticking with the deposit guy but could have sold it 4-5 times today, it wasn't underpriced if anything it was right at the top but a beautiful clean little pocket rocket, Make hay while the sun shines
  4. Not too bad here, opened Wednesday and was busy with November handovers and test drives from people who wouldn't travel through lockdown. End of last week was slow but weekend was mad, 10 sales so far from December from 35 in stock. If I can finish on 25, same as last year I'll be happy
  5. I've never even thought about this, and can count on one hand the number of times Ive been asked for a look at the V5 before purchase. will be wary of any requests to view it now, might be the start of a spate of them - thanks for the warning
  6. Not sure what Zahoor has been smoking. Never expected anything so its very welcome, see others have now followed but the AutoTrader one was the biggy that makes the most difference, with click and collect and delivery we're still able to trade and sell right now (just off to deliver a Polo to Sheffield now bought entirely online) Hopefully even with a slow down for Xmas we'll be out of lockdown by the 2nd and able to make a few sales with zero AT cost.
  7. We've been operating safety measures since opening, click and collect and delivery, 100% of our transactions have been appointment only, we can still operate delivery and click and collect so not sure if we'll be as affected as last lockdown. just need to shut the showroom,.
  8. Bank transfer all the way, stopped accepting cash completely for sales and workshop in June and saving on bank charges as well as the stress of town centre bank runs with bundles of dirty cash to pay in
  9. its dead simple, i set up a daily budget in my portal, think there are different levels I'm on £10 a day for a 5 day period, you only get charged when someone clisks on your advert, think its about 20p not sure but if it sells on day 1 i'm not charged for remaining days. helps me control my overage as my cars days in stock cost around £18 so the quicker i sell them the better. just put a boost onto a Corsa ive had in for a while thats reaching overage so hopefully get more interest on that one. you pick your budegt, cars to add them to and days without even speaking to my rep and your only charged when someone clicks. done something similar recently on facebook boost but no joy, will keep trying though
  10. Been using it on and off, works well for anything that's getting near overage for me, last time i put it on a 420d 16 plate I'd had in for 11weeks and it went within 3 days , couldve sold it 3 times over
  11. sold 10 over the last 7 days from the Autotrader, and looking at portal 4 of them were fair price, 3 high and 3 great, customers seem to want to use the high price flags as a bargaining tool, asking for the amount its overpriced as a discount. If they've rang up they're interested, love it when they do as this gives me a chance to tell them why its got that price and why every other car they're looking at is a shitter compared to mine, wax on about the service, the reviews we have etc. very rare we dont sell.
  12. Easily done, saw the film at the weekend on CSDG on facebook, scary but a quick look on companies house can get you director details and the invoice makes it so easy to apply for one of those loans. I'd love to have had the police waiting for the guy when he turned up to collect the Porsche
  13. interesting reading, always thought Lookers were a decent set up, worrying times for all but think particularly people employed in the larger groups, a neighbour of mine is a business manger for a large well known group on a 6 figure salary, he's still furloughed along with half his team and some other big wages. The group is now considering making all these positions redundant, not because they're in trouble but the fact they found out they can still sell as many cars with half as many expensive sales people. it'll force many to make efficiencies that they should have done years ago. big winners here I think will be us smaller guys that don't have the big wage bills, or the expensive gin palaces
  14. normally stock around 40-45 cars, bit depleted right now like everyone I speak to, 25 in stock. nothing special about my cars, stay away from under 3 years, don't want to compete against franchise. Ive also got 3 ramps and a repair and service centre (only 2 ramps working at moment for social distancing) so luckily prep is in house and this has been ticking over nicely. get some repeat sales business through this but not a great deal. I dont fill the the front with a load of heavy German stuff as that gets competitive as well, prices range from £4k up to around £16k and Ive currently got 5 high price markers. normally stuff like Polos fiestas, focus, golf, usual kit but bizarely Kia and Hyundai stuff sells quickest for decent margins for me, people travel the furthest for these as well ive found and know what they want - no messers. average days to sell was around 32, aim for a £1200 margin on average oddly the 10am appointment this morning from the autotrader that thankfully bought had a high price flag. now just desperate for stock
  15. Wow - so you think I just give them money and receive nothing in return and don't bother to pour over every single lead that comes in? I invest in what works, if it works well I invest more, if it doesn't I pull away. I conservatively work out that for every £1 i invest Im getting about £8 back and know I can get this higher. Ive used them for the best part of 20 years, with only one ,4 month spell away when someone on here recommended I cancel and try Jim Reids Autovolo, which I did and was the worst decision I ever made, in a normal month it accounts for between 85-90% of all my sales. I couldn't care less about their profit as long as I make a profit from them, thats all that drives me. I monitor religiously where every single enquiry and sale come from, passing traffic, referrals, walk ins dried up from the day we had to shut. did a few deliveries but more by appointments, thats how I know,. My chats, texts, calls and emails returned abut 2-3 weeks ago, I don't just ask where they saw my advert as I only now advertise on one website, yes I have my own by Click Dealer but vast majority of my traffic comes from the adverts on the autotrader. Ive given all of them a fair chance, CarGurus for almost 12 months last year, Motors, eBay, I've fed my stock to all of them. I did get the odd sale but the cost per sale compared to the autotrader was horrific Trust me, for me there is no more cost effective way of generating profitable sales. Ive tried everyone over a long period of time and pound for pound none come close. Do I wish they were cheaper, God yes, do I scream when they put their prices up, no one shouts louder, but the fact is - they work. Ive published on here last year my sales, profit, ROI generated, and for me I can make it work. I know it doesn't for some and good luck in using other websites. i wish you all the best. anyway, Im off home now to catch a little of this sun, been preparing cars all day today, got 6 confirmed appointments tomorrow, all with reservations paid to stop the messers. Good luck all for reopening and hope everyones safe and well