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  1. its a good question, dont know how VIP events actually return any additional value now with so much of buyers going on the internet first to do research. My son and I attended one last year that had cardboard cutouts of Ant and Dec and Simon Cowell???? I can see it for new model launches to drum up a bit of interest but these things cost thousands
  2. 31 sold from 47 stock so far, 24 from the autotrader, cant restock quick enough and that's the problem, still crazy trade prices, service side is booked up for 3 months almost, not had that ever before, people seem to think prices are going to keep going up so are buying now rather than sitting and waiting, one couple at the weekend bought a nice 18 Focus after they'd just seen me put the price up by £125 saying "we thought we'd buy it now before it goes up even more" - crazy times
  3. Agree, Ive bought a few more recently from BCA, still top money but managed to sell quickly for a few quid more than normal margin. Public seem to realise they need to pay more. December started well compared to previous Decembers but quieter this week as per normal in run up to xmas
  4. Sold 38 cars last month from 40 advertised, 28 of which came as a direct result of the autotrader leads, and would say thats about average for a month. its expensive but when you work out the return its a no brainer, leads are quality serious buyers, not many messers. was once talked into cancelling a few years back and was off for about 6 weeks whilst i tried, eBay motors and cargurus - worst mistake Ive made in nearly 30 years of selling. It works for me, I know it doesnt work for everyone but youve got to measure what you get back or else youre just pissing it up the wall. also youve got to work at making your cars stand out, great pics, descriptions, reviews etc
  5. depends what type of cars do you sell and at what price, I do very well from auto trader but anything really cheap did do better on eBay when I used them. ebay tend to draw out the messers an best price with ridiculous bids
  6. My old dad is one of the idiots falling for the media hype around petrol shortages, he does maybe 10 miles a week in his year old Honda Jazz. Panicked over the weekend as he only had half a tank so queued up at local Sainsburys for an hour to put £7 in!!!!! I really need to get that Power of Attorney sorted quick
  7. All credit to those that repay it in my opinion, wonder though how many redundancies will happen after furlough ends in September, think that's where some of the larger boys will save money realising they don't need quite as many expensive staff in their gin palaces
  8. Clearly Cap's wrong, cant catch up fast enough to reflect live prices right now, its not the market that's wrong its IMHO I believe, we've just increased all of our stock by a few hundred and are still selling fast, don't want to be left with empty spaces, cars being sold within 4-5 days at moment when they normally take 2-3 weeks
  9. Took a deposit on a Fiesta ST-2 up for £9,250, was on the autotrader with a high price flag for about 6 hours, 8 calls, last one offering £250 more and saying they'll come down tonight from Preston to pick it up!!! I'm sticking with the deposit guy but could have sold it 4-5 times today, it wasn't underpriced if anything it was right at the top but a beautiful clean little pocket rocket, Make hay while the sun shines
  10. Not too bad here, opened Wednesday and was busy with November handovers and test drives from people who wouldn't travel through lockdown. End of last week was slow but weekend was mad, 10 sales so far from December from 35 in stock. If I can finish on 25, same as last year I'll be happy
  11. I've never even thought about this, and can count on one hand the number of times Ive been asked for a look at the V5 before purchase. will be wary of any requests to view it now, might be the start of a spate of them - thanks for the warning
  12. Not sure what Zahoor has been smoking. Never expected anything so its very welcome, see others have now followed but the AutoTrader one was the biggy that makes the most difference, with click and collect and delivery we're still able to trade and sell right now (just off to deliver a Polo to Sheffield now bought entirely online) Hopefully even with a slow down for Xmas we'll be out of lockdown by the 2nd and able to make a few sales with zero AT cost.
  13. We've been operating safety measures since opening, click and collect and delivery, 100% of our transactions have been appointment only, we can still operate delivery and click and collect so not sure if we'll be as affected as last lockdown. just need to shut the showroom,.
  14. Bank transfer all the way, stopped accepting cash completely for sales and workshop in June and saving on bank charges as well as the stress of town centre bank runs with bundles of dirty cash to pay in
  15. its dead simple, i set up a daily budget in my portal, think there are different levels I'm on £10 a day for a 5 day period, you only get charged when someone clisks on your advert, think its about 20p not sure but if it sells on day 1 i'm not charged for remaining days. helps me control my overage as my cars days in stock cost around £18 so the quicker i sell them the better. just put a boost onto a Corsa ive had in for a while thats reaching overage so hopefully get more interest on that one. you pick your budegt, cars to add them to and days without even speaking to my rep and your only charged when someone clicks. done something similar recently on facebook boost but no joy, will keep trying though